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Spin VFX Recruiting Effect Artist & Pipeline Developer

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Effect Artist


The Effects Artist is responsible for supplying particle, rigid body, fluid, cloth, fur and hair simulations


Use an array of commercial and proprietary software tools to produce photorealistic simulations of real-world phenomena while developing innovative solutions to complex problems
Develop rigs/techniques to implement and optimize approved looks
Light and render dynamic simulations, create working test composites for review by the supervision team
Work in partnership with lighters and compositors to ensure shots are delivered to the very highest standard
Stay on schedule and meet deadlines while maintaining the highest quality of work


Minimum 3 years of experience within the film and television industry
Experience in live action FX is a must
Extensive knowledge with Houdini
Working knowledge of Maya and Realflow and Fume
Proven experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions, plus experience with particle rendering voxel based systems
A TD background is desirable
Familiarity with Nuke preferred and a solid understanding of the compositing process
Strong understanding of linux/ unix based operating systems
Excellent communication skills
An eye for details, good sense of timing, and thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in computer graphics
Python scripting experience is a plus

To Apply for this position

Interested candidates should:

Please submit a cover letter and resume with a link to your online website to:
Clearly include your name, address, telephone and email address
Please include position applying for in subject of email
Only qualified applicants will be contacted.
No phone calls or drop-ins please

Pipeline Developer


• Develop tools to accelerate workflow in the production of visual effects imagery
• Some solutions may require a few lines of code in an application-specific expression language, while other solutions may require creating high-availability RPC servers
• On occasion, assist in technical direction tasks, such as helping heads of departments to debug technical issues


• Proficient in python 2.x/3.x and C++
• Proficient with one or more common vendor APIs: maya, katana, houdini, nuke, and renderman
• Strong understanding of production processes for film and television
• Must have a mature approach to software design and implementation
• Must be able to work collaboratively with other developers, in a co-ordinated manner, on the same product. A successful candidate will work transparently, not opaquely
• Must be able to communicate eloquently and effectively with non-technical stakeholders
• Experience in one or more rendering shading languages would be beneficial
• Experience implementing web services (Restful services, WSGI servers) or working directly with databases (MongoDB, Postgres) would be beneficial
• Experience with PyQt or PySide would be helpful
• A degree in computer science, math or engineering is strongly preferred


Interested candidates should:

Submit a cover letter and resume with a link to your website to
Clearly include your name, address, telephone and email address
Include position applying for in subject of email
Only qualified applicants will be contacted
No phone calls or drop-ins please
The position is for a full-time opportunity.
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