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Starbreeze Studio Recruiting Lead Level Designer

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Lead Level Designer

Are you a passionate gamer, have an ability to convey abstract concepts and the drive to make the level design top notch? Then this might just be the job for you! Starbreeze is looking for a Lead Level Designer to join our award-winning team in Stockholm.

As the Lead Level Designer you will collaborate with the Producers and the Lead Game Designer to create, develop and ensure that the overall vision of the project is properly implemented in the game levels. You are responsible for planning, detail, and supervise the work of Levels Designers as well as establishing standards for formal Level Design documentation and tools for the project as well as ensure the team’s performance and resolve and manage the situations that hinder Level Design production objectives.
You will be involved in all the steps of the production: the initial layout; the prototyping phase; the gameplay validation phase; all technical discussions concerning the creation and implementation of the levels in the project; until the final gameplay implementation and optimization phase. You’ll engage in constant inter-disciplinary collaborations with other departments, to ensure all aspects of the levels follow the standards established in collaboration with the Producers: with the game artists, to design and flesh out the game world; with the Gameplay programmers, to refine a feature that needs to be included in the level, etc.

Job tasks:

Oversee and manage the Level Designers to design and implement environmental locations, mission scenarios, interactive encounters, and combat situations either independently or in collaboration with design team members.
Improve the level production pipeline for assigned product(s).
Work closely with the Producer and Lead Designer to plan the work of the Level Designers.
Manage the efforts of the team and determine schedule according to project priorities.
Coordinate and update daily tasks for the Level Design team
Act as a liaison with management and actively participate in the decision making process, oversee the necessary adjustment for the team to meet expectations
Be the main point of contact of the other teams regarding Level Design issues.
Carry out performance follow-ups, manage and resolve any situation arising within the Level Design team that would delay production objectives
Work closely with the Level Design team through all stages of development to own and implement levels and gameplay features that improve content and quality of the game experience.
Define a strict nomenclature, maintain and prioritize backlogs and polish lists to simplify Level Design team work
Collaborate with other disciplines within the game team to ensure a product of high quality Levels from concept to implementation to shippable completion
Actively participate in Design, Level Design and production related meetings
Actively participate in meetings dealing with technical issues or tools related to all Level Design aspects: level building, entities, proprietary tools, cameras…
Attend and lead design specific discussions regarding Level Design reviews and Level Design issues
Train employees to use the level production pipeline and other special technical features.
Create a motivating work environment for Level Designers.
Work closely with QA and play-testers to identify and resolve gameplay and level design issues.
You have at least 5 years’ experience in the game industry as as Senior Level Designer or Lead, preferably with a relevant diploma a diploma and at least 1 to 2 shipped “AAA” titles. You communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing. You have a passion for games on all existing formats: board games, card games, sports, paper RPGs, gambling, all genres of videogames with special focus on FPS and competitive games. You possess an excellent ability to design any in game element, for example Game flow, pace and game rhythm; Navigation challenges; Structural puzzles; Building 3D environments; White-boxes ; Designing and implementing fun/challenging AI layouts and patterns; Scripting entities; Placing rough cameras (animated, entity-triggered); Sound implementation and Light sources.

To be successful in this position you have:

Experience supervising a Level Design team is a significant plus
Excellent written and verbal communication, documentation skills and the ability to convey abstract concepts
Ability to think logically with a strong level of attention to detail
Must be able to professionally communicate and work with other members of the game production team (both internally and externally) while always keeping the overall vision of the game in mind
Expert knowledge of 3D modeling software (Maya, 3Ds max, Sketchup), 3D editors (Unreal, Source, Unity…), processes and expert knowledge of game design in order to be able to implement 3D environment building, entities, cameras, light sources and create challenging gameplay scenarios
Expert knowledge of 2D tools to create 2D maps (Photoshop, Illustrator)
Excellent knowledge of documentation tools (Microsoft Office, SVN…)
Must understand the relationship between gameplay elements within the level and the overall game as well as all of the ways the player can interact with each gameplay element.
Must have knowledge of competitive products and various gameplay genres and platforms
Creativity, critical and analytical sense, structure, rigor
Ability to work well independently and within a team
Ability to work well under pressure and deadlines.
Test levels repeatedly

Writing/ narrative experience
Still reading? Great, because here comes the good part bit:
We offer you a position at a dynamic and rapidly growing company where we live and die by gameplay. While we grow, we want you to grow with us and to evolve in your professional development and make our games kick-ass within the gaming industry.

Sounds good? Then we can’t wait to see your resumé and meet you!
We recommend that you apply as soon as possible, as interviews are held continuously. Send your application with a resumé, portfolio and a personal letter in English. All applications must include a resumé and personal letter to be considered.

Apply here:-
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