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VFX On-Set Supervisors (FREELANCE)

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With studios worldwide, Stargate Studios is an Emmy Award winning visual effects company that works on high profile television shows and feature films.
Stargate Studios Malta is looking for FREELANCE VFX SUPERVISORS to work on upcoming productions in various countries across Europe.

VFX Supervisors are required on set as per the specific production’s schedule
On-set experience as a VFX Supervisor is essential, with strong leadership and negotiation skills.
Will be required to oversee the shooting of all VFX sequences needed in the production, ensuring that these are within the agreed budget between the client and the VFX Producer.
Possess a knowledge of various visual effects techniques with emphasis on camera set-ups and film knowledge with an eye for composition and camera work.
Will oversee the handover of the VFX sequences from the Post-Production Facility to Stargate Studios Malta, and act as a reference point for the VFX Producer, VFX Showrunner and VFX Digital Supervisor.

If you would like to be in our books for consideration on any of the upcoming productions currently in prep, please get in touch. Please also provide a clear link to a showreel in your application.

Our contact email is
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