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Starz Recruiting Technical Production Manager, Screenings & Events

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Technical Production Manager, Screenings & Events


As a member of Starz Post Production team, the Technical Production Manager, Screening & AV Events, coordinates the creation and quality assurance (QA) of Starz programming and supporting media content commissioned for external events. The Manager collaborates with decision-makers in Originals Programming, Publicity & Corporate Communications to fulfill responsibilities related to physical production of media for screening events and exhibitions such as the Television Critics Awards and Comi-con to name a few.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Participates in full review of screening materials with members of the Starz Originals development, production and post-teams to ensure that creative content is correctly translated to the screening experience.
Makes recommendations to the Publicity and Corporate Communications team regarding overall event management including primary and back up playback delivery formats.
Ensures quality of intended color rendition, VFX, soundtrack imaging and overall quality.
Performs quality and technical review tasks including inspection of published files and hard media prepared for screening events, both long and short form content, delivered from a combination of publishers:

Original Programming post production departments.
Starz’ network based post production department.
Third-party dubbing/packaging vendors.
Drafts AV equipment systems and media playback specifications for insertion in vendor agreements.
Reviews all requirements with vendor’s technical event lead(s).
Maintains a library of best practice media delivery specifications and updates and/or customizes based upon need.
Inspects potential venues on the Publicity/Corporate Communications team’s behalf, to qualify technical facilities (projection, playback devices, soundtrack processing and reinforcement) prior to commitment to venue.
Attends rehearsals and tech checks prior to programming events confirming and/or correcting AV equipment selection and placement, calibration of picture and sound against media materials, media and curtain cues and playlists for main events and adjacent halls. This later may include lobby systems, secondary site (s), closed circuit delivery & green room monitoring.
Facilitates the creation of file delivery packages by third-party vendors including SMPTE Digital Cinema Packages including audio, image and metadata and encryption keys. Facilitate late-breaking content creation changes as required with access to Starz owned facilities and location kit for these purposes.
Maintains security protocol for and tracks the transportation of media materials over the course of projects, documenting the return to Starz vault origins (Starz/Denver, series post or lab).

Required Experience

Bachelor of Art or Science in Communications, Television, Film, or Radio preferred. Must have at least three years of experience in Technical Production.
Must have at least three years of experience with Technical Production.
Coordinate medium to large scale AV events including: technical site survey documentation methods; creating and updating event staging and change flow charts; physical arrangements and equipment selection for sound reinforcement and decoding of dual mono, 2.0, Dolby Digital plus 5.1 to 7.1 encoded program soundtracks.
Experience with the coordination of soundtrack mastering/re-mastering to dialog and mix parameters normalized for cinema exhibition. Understands LKFS, LKFU, and LeqM measurement parameters.
Practice with the selection of Digital Cinema projectors (DLP) for 1080p to 2K display requirements.
A background with service coordination and QAT of specialized file packages of essence, metadata and manifest data, especially SMPTE DCP packages in Materials eXchange Format.
Experience performing best practices for rendering and playback decoding of the ProRes family of 422 /444 codecs and other codecs optimized for presentation playback system or servers; creating and decoding QuickTime packages supporting multi-track audio.
Ability to handle tape based formats carrying high-resolution picture and multitrack audio; VTR operational settings for HDCAM, HDCAM SR and D5.
Have an understanding of broadcast material Quality Assurance methods for approval, rejection and mark-up for fixes.
Possess a background working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe CC applications (Premiere and After Effects), & Final Cut 7 as remote editing and rendering applications and interchange of projects and clips between these application environments.
Experience in playlist creation with programs such as Playback Pro IA
History of working with Pro Tools (to v 11.xx) for content preparation and mastering; the applications and methods for room EQ analysis to apply to mastering EQ parameters.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Visio), Microsoft Project and/or project reader applications.
Experience with protocols for working with IATSE and other guilds regarding the load-in, staging, tech check/rehearsal, and in-place operation of projection, sound and related distribution systems.
Skill with theatrical decoding of immersive audio streams (Atmos/ 7.1.4) and best practices for encoding/decoding UHDTV and 4K for exhibition (displays and projection).
Experience with worldwide playback/color encoding systems used in broadcast and best practices for format conversions between NTSC and PAL.
Must have a high tolerance for change on-the-fly. Screening opportunities may require special preparation of works in progress with content undergoing approval cycles.

Travel Requirement:

This position requires 30-40% travel, including some international travel; international passport preferred, valid until at least January 2016.


Beverly Hills, California, United States

POSITION TYPE: Full-Time/Regular

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Starz Recruiting Technical Production Manager, Screenings & Events, Starz, Starz hiring, Starz Vfx, Starz Jobs, Animation Jobs, Vfx Jobs, CG jobs, 3d Jobs, Video Game jobs, Recruiting, Recruitment, CG, CGI, Jobs, Starz Recruiting, Starz Recruiting Technical Production Manager