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Stereo D Recruiting 3D Depth Artist

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3D Depth Artist


About Stereo D:

Stereo D is the recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. Formed in 2009 and acquired by Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. in 2011, the company works with major motion picture studios, directors, cinematographers, and VFX supervisors to bring their vision of 3D storytelling to the screen. Stereo D has completed work for such films as GODZILLA, CAPTAIN AMERICA, NEED FOR SPEED, PACIFIC RIM, THE AVENGERS, JURASSIC PARK and TITANIC in 3D to name a few. The company also provides end-to-end 3D production services on feature films, television productions and commercials.
Stereo D is a business run by filmmakers, valuing artistic excellence and speaking the language of film. Our production teams and artists are among the best in the business, driven by an innate passion for all things film. Our unique artist-centric environment enables our people the creative freedom to conceptually support the creative visions of directors, delivering the finest, most dynamic 3D imagery in entertainment.
Deluxe Entertainment Services Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About this position:

As part of our Depth Department, the depth artist is responsible for the stereo conversion of shots. Important aspects of this role include a good understanding of 3-dimensional space, an eye for detail, a good sense of quality control, and the ability to work well with others. Depth artist will receive critiques from leads and supervisors, and must be able to interpret and apply notes to match the overall artistic style of each project. Passion for your work, team spirit, and willingness to work with artistic direction are a definite plus!

Requirements and preferences:

Knowledge and experience with Nuke or comparable node-based compositing software
Knowledge and Experience with Windows (PC) Production Environment – Required
Artistic ability and aptitude for learning new processes and techniques
Knowledge of 3-dimensional space
Previous Professional Experience in Stereoscopy or VFX – Preferred
Accredited Post-Secondary Degree or Related Coursework – Preferred

We’re looking for the best in the business. If this sounds like you, please apply!

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  • Termnl

    thanks for sharing!!

  • Nikolas Rincon

    Awesome! I really loved the color correction, would like to know how did he do it?!

  • Thomas Hernandez

    Wow! Really Impressed by the techniques! I’m wondering what is the last software that shows on the video?

    • Aris Llamas

      I believe that was Fusion