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Stereo D Recruiting Paint/Composite Artists

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Paint/Composite Artists

About this position:

As part of our Finaling Department, the Paint/Composite Artist is responsible for delivering the final shots after stereo conversion. Along with the essential Clean Plate and Paint skills, an eye for detail is a must. Quality Control is the name of the game!
Working with a team, including a lead artist and supervisors, the Paint/Compositing Artist must creatively interpret and apply artistic concepts. We’re looking for individuals with a good “stereo eye,” a strong understanding of 3-dimensional space (be it from previous stereo experience or from an artistic background), a working knowledge of Nuke/ After Effects & Photoshop, and a healthy dose of team spirit. Taking direction/critiques, interpreting notes and learning/applying new skills are key parts of everyday life in our studio..

Requirements & Preferences:

Knowledge and Experience with software packages such as Nuke, After Effects & Photoshop – Required
Proficiency in Compositing & Clean Plate Preparation – Required
Knowledge and Experience with Widows (PC) Production Environment – Required
Knowledge of Practical Filmmaking Techniques – Required
Excellent Artistic Ability/Aptitude – Required
Knowledge of Stereo-related Terminology – Preferred (but we’ll teach you OUR lingo!)
Previous Professional Experience in Stereoscopy – Preferred
Accredited Post-Secondary Degree or Related Coursework – Preferred

We’re looking for the best in the business. If this sounds like you, please apply here:

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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