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Studio Gobo Recruiting Lead Technical Artist & Lead Environment/World Artist

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Lead Technical Artist


The Technical Artist is an individual contributor who is a recognized expert in their field and holds a wealth of knowledge in dealing with the technical issues around content creation for video games. The TA will produce work that is at the highest level of quality and difficulty. They have a proven track record of resolving the most complex and broad reaching challenges in relationship to content construction, pipeline management and leading edge visuals. This is a ‘forward looking’ role. In addition to current “best practices” and competitive awareness, the TA is expected to understand emerging trends and technologies in video game content and make strategic recommendations as to how they may benefit and/or impact the organization. The TA makes important contributions to key initiatives and projects and participates in setting product and/or functional vision within the studio. Areas the Technical Artist is responsible for include visual R&D, performance monitoring, standard setting, authoring content for in-game use, as well as process and pipeline issues.

Role responsibilities:

Day to day support for the artists on the team, trouble shooting and giving technical support.
Identifying and or selecting tools and technologies to enhance the content creation process.
Competently debug data export problems in Maya and where possible issue a fix or assist in resolving the problem further.
Collaborate with other technical and aesthetic experts within the company to define clear goals for the toolset, pipeline and construction processes.
Analyse competitive products and makes recommendations to senior management.
The Artist spearheads R&D efforts for tools, content and new technologies in relationship to art and Aesthetics.
Participates in setting vision for content and tools and collaborates with engineers to develop cutting edge tools and technologies.
Works with the other content producers to ensure proper game performance and optimizations.
Identifies and test external 3rdparty tools that would help maintain our leading edge in content constructions and visuals.
Identifies and executes on the most difficult content creation problems for the project.
Contributes to content creation for in game use.

Qualifications / person specs:

Ideally a First in Fine Art, Computer Animation, Digital Media Design or relevant degree
Ideally, 10 or more years of art or animation experience.
Must have shipped competitive products in the functioning role of TA.
Extensive knowledge of Maya, comfortable diagnosing problematic scene graphs and instigating solutions to typical day to day issues.
Strong technical proficiency in understanding proprietary tools and technology.
Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
Must be familiar the majority of modern 3D software packages and Engines (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Motion Builder, zBrush, Unity, Unreal etc.).
Technically proficient rigging skills.
Technically and artistically proficient, with the ability to switch quickly between the two roles when the need arises.
Ability to support both the art and design teams with rapid prototyping and previz to convey loosely defined or new concepts.
A high standard of hard surface modelling skills, organic modelling a bonus.
A good understanding of industry standard data compression types, as well as data reduction and optimization techniques.
Strong understanding of methods for optimizing game art assets for game engines and optimizing pipelines and processes.
Well versed with typical performance bottlenecks and understand how to profile and communicate to the larger art team.
Strong understanding of Python and capable of developing simple tools and productivity / workflow enhancements. Advanced scripting and tools development are a bonus.
Confident in working with intermediate data formats and understand the typical processes involved in data flow from source to engine.
Strong 2D drawing and digital painting skills is bonus.
A solid understanding of modern shader and surfacing technologies such as PBR​
Ability to work well under pressure and to deadlines.
Diligence with individual and team tasks, schedule and adherence to budget limitations.
Strong troubleshooting skills.
Positive attitude and a desire to bring new ideas to the team.
Passion for making and playing great games, with an awareness of current titles and industry trends.

To apply send your CV and showreel to:

Lead Environment/World Artist



Make a significant direct contribution to the creation of AAA world art, level design and lighting
Input into defining look and feel and communicate art style principles to the world team
Lead by example. Demonstrate, communicate and exemplify clear expectations for quality
Proactively assist in defining art pipelines and best practices against industry benchmarks

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise Required:

Prior experience as Principal / Lead, with at least one shipped AAA title to your credit at this level
Ideally a First in Fine Art, Computer Animation, Digital Media Design or relevant degree
Experience in AAA character action games with a stylised aesthetic
Exceptional portfolio that demonstrates a breadth of ability and traditional drawing skills
Solid understanding of 2D/3D art packages: Photoshop, Maya, Z-Brush etc
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Ability to design, prototype, model, texture and light beautiful and immersive stylised worlds
A generalist creative and technical skillset that reaches beyond the remit of world art
Demonstrable time management and organisational skills
Enthusiastic team player, positive and outgoing personality
A passion for video games, art and a commitment to personal development
A creative thinker with strong problem solving skills

To apply please send your CV and portfolio to:
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