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Supersolid Recruiting 3D Artist

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3D Artist

Role Overview:

As a 3d artist at Supersolid you will play a major role in creating fun and engaging mobile games, for multiple platforms internationally. You will work as part of a small team to create exciting new games, help maintain our existing games and develop great game features.


• Create low-poly 3D characters and objects for use in current and new titles
• Model, rig and animate 3D characters and objects
• Create textures for 3D assets using Photoshop
• Import and test your models in Unity3d engine.
• Work closely with engineers to ensure that all aspects of games are of a high quality for end users


• Extensive knowledge of 3D Studio Max
• Experience in modeling 3D environments and objects, using low-poly techniques
• Experience in modeling & rigging 3D characters
• Good experience in animating character and objects
• The ability to produce textures of high artistic quality
• Able to work respecting strict technical and artistic limitations and instructions
• Good artistic sensibilities
• Basic knowledge of Unity3d is a plus

If you’re interested in joining us and think you would be suitable for this position, please get in touch! Email us:
Supersolid Recruiting 3D Artist, Supersolid , vfx jobs, cg jobs, Supersolid Los Angeles, 3d, cgi, vfx