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Supervising Technical Director

The Supervising Technical Director is responsible for translating the creative visions of the Directors, Producers, and Visual Effects Supervisor into a practical working pipeline. As a department head, the Supervising TD manages a show’s Technical Directors and supervises tool and pipeline development for the show. The Supervising TD works with other show department heads as well as the various studio technology groups to ensure the show’s requirements and issues are addressed. The Supervising TD works with the Head of Global Technical Directors and other Supervising TDs to provide consistency in tools, workflows, and staffing across shows.

Duties and Responsibilities


    • Work with the show, Technology, and studio leadership to define the show’s requirements for tools, processes, and information exchange.
    • Work with each show department head to understand, plan, and implement pipeline tools and processes for their department.
    • Liaise with AT for issues relating to show resources and software needs.
    • Perform as a Key Production Person on studio projects as requested by the studio or the show.
    • Partner with the Head of Global Technical Directors, other Supervising TDs and Lead TDs in the studio to develop and maintain studio standards relating to the production pipeline.
    • Partner with Studio Project Leads to ensure the show’s requirements are met and issues are addressed.
    • Enforce studio standards and clearly document special cases where the show is required to deviate.
    • Along with TD team, serve as main technical support for show.
    • Ensure adequate TD support coverage for each department and the show at large.

Pipeline, Software, and Processes:

      • Integrates existing pipeline tools or develops new tools/processes as needed to meet the technical vision of the show.
      • Manages the show’s software releases and policies.
      • Tests the software used on the show to ensure maximum stability.
      • Plans and implements show-wide standards to ensure smooth asset transitions between departments.
      • Maintains a working knowledge of the tools and processes used on the show.
      • Supervises the development of pipeline tools as needed using current studio standards.
      • Creates sequences and shots as required for the show.
      • Ensures all artists on the show adhere to standards and correct if needed.
      • Sets up initial job tree and related system/application configurations.
      • Provide custom tools and processes as required to ensure the show’s successful completion.
      • Troubleshoot shots and assets as requested.
      • Ensure every aspect of the show’s production pipeline is documented for user review and instruction.
      • Ensure show’s final assets are delivered correctly.


      • Work with AT to identify, forecast and track resource requirements of the show as they pertain to disk space, rendering CPUs, and license issues.
      • Work with AT to plan and implement required resources before they are needed on the show.
      • Escalate issues to show management regarding resource issues.
      • Collaborate with AT to ensure that the backup and archival of the show’s data is viable and reliable.


        • Supervise TDs assigned to the show, giving them clear direction on standards, processes, and expectations.
        • Ensure that the TDs supporting each department understand how each department functions, and how each department feeds the pipeline.
        • Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to Production Management effectively.
        • Work closely with the Production Supervisors in the management of the department and to create the schedule and ensure quotas/deadlines are met for both shots and sequences.
        • Work with the Production Management on casting shots/assignments to Department TDs.
        • Responsible for improving the performance of TDs on the team. Mentor TDs to provide guidance, experience and insight. Involved in resolving performance related issues.
        • Responsible with Production Supervisor for maintaining crew morale. Foster good working atmosphere and ethics.
        • Deliver reviews with Head of Global Technical Directors and Production Supervisor to crew members; help manage career growth of staff; provide recommendations for promotions.
        • Work with Head of Global Technical Directors and studio leadership in the casting and staffing of talent on the show.
        • Help with recruiting and perform interviews. Ensure that TD new hires are provided the necessary training.
        • Facilitate meetings with TDs to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements


            • Production experience in feature film animation
            • Experience building new pipelines.
            • Expert knowledge if Linux required.
            • Strong programming skills. Proficiency in C++, Object Oriented Programming, Python and/or Perl desired.
            • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills


B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent.

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