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The Creative Assembly Recruiting Senior Level Designer, Experienced Sound Designer, Development Manager, Environment Artist & Gameplay AI Programmer

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Senior Level Designer

As a Snr Level Designer on Halo Wars 2, you will have ownership of multiple levels – both single player and multiplayer – and drive them all the way through development.


The role involves level design in a collaborative multidisciplinary environment. You will drive the design of your level(s) from paper design to shipping product. The Senior Level Designer will be:

responsible for the planning, level layout, setup and tuning of single player levels, from high concept to detailed scripting. You will use our visual scripting system to implement bespoke gameplay in the single player levels
responsible for the planning, balancing, setting up and tuning multiplayer levels, from high concept to internal focus testing; you are all about creating beautifully balanced Multiplayer gameplay spaces
able to collaborate with other designers, artists, animators and programmers to create levels that are not only incredibly fun, but also feel unique. You will have the ability and desire to work in creative and collaborative teams
responsible for acting as a mentor to other level designers and pushing your teams understand of level design theory whilst also monitoring the overall quality of level design throughout campaign and MP maps
able to conduct play-testing sessions and gather feedback and action points to refine the levels and gameplay. Take part in other play-testing sessions, providing feedback and suggestions to help fine tune and improve the game
responsible for implementing player feedback to ensure playability and appropriate level of difficulty
be able to understand the narrative and gameplay ambition for the levels and have a willingness to take design direction when offered
proactive in communicating progress and solving problems.

Skills, Experience and Knowledge


Ability to communicate effectively with other designers, management and peers in other disciplines. You will be part of a multidisciplinary pod and must be able to work well as part of a collaborative team without losing sight of the gameplay vision.
Must have experience within the community or for a shipped title with RTS Single player or Multiplayer map development
One or more published AAA titles in an level design capacity
Game scripting experience using Kismet or similar visual scripting system
Experience working with terrain mapping tools in a level editor


Very good working knowledge of 3DS Max, Maya or similar 3D package
Experience with a wide range of game genres including but limited to: RTS, third person, FPS, RPG and strategy games. You should have a broad range of knowledge and experience of computer and video games.
Ability to manage their own time and work within deadlines

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Experienced Sound Designer

Joining one of the most accomplished audio departments in the UK, the Sound Designers primary purpose is to create, implement and mix sound effects and other audio for the multi award-winning Total War titles developed at the studio.
We take the craft of designing and mixing sounds seriously, so as a creative and technical individual, if being part of an award-winning team and working on AAA productions is important to you then apply now!

Key Responsibilities:

• To follow, support and deliver on the audio plan set out by the Audio Director, delivering a AAA sound experience
• To create sound effects using techniques such location/studio recording, Foley recording in addition to utilising pre-recorded in-house and commercial material
• Integrate and mix audio content into games using in-house tools and other 3rd party software
• To create and mix audio content for trailers, demo’s and conferences to commercial standards when required
• To test all aspects of your game audio to ensure in-game playback is as intended and fit for commercial release
• Set high standards for and helps mentor junior members of the team
• When required, work and collaborate with external audio vendors

Knowledge, Skill and Experience:


• In-house games development experience at a senior level as a ‘sound designer’ or similar
• Proven excellence with sound design, showing creative flair
• Experienced at integrating audio in to and mixing game projects
• Ability to track lay and mix audio to linear footage to commercial standards.
• Must have completed work on at least 3 shipped full price retail console or PC games, completing full in-house product cycles
• Experience with Wwise audio engine
• ProTool 9 or above experience to advanced level
• Must be a pro-active, problem solver who is highly organized and solution focused – seeks challenges and delivers results
• Ability to learn new in-house audio tools and software for integrating content
• Ability to work as a team player and under own initiative
• Ability to plan, organise and oversee location sfx recording sessions
• HND in Sound Engineering (or above) or relevant in-house game audio experience
• A keen interest in and a passion for sound and music in games and other forms of a/v entertainment


• Knowledge and familiarity of Total War brand a bonus
• Professional location and studio based sound effects recording experience
• AAA video game experience
• A full clean driving licence to be able to attend remote Foley sessions

All Audio applicants are required to submit a show reel in support of their application, demonstrating creative sound design.
Applications cannot be considered without an accompanying show reel.

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Development Manager – Total War

This is a fantastic opportunity to work on our well established Total War team working on our next historical Total War project.

Company Overview

Founded in 1987 and based in Horsham, England, Creative Assembly is one of the UK’s premier video game developers. Creator of the multi award-winning Total War strategy series, the SEGA-owned studio has received numerous press, industry and consumer accolades, including BAFTAs, Develop Industry Excellence awards including the Best In-house Studio in 2012, and the 2011 Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Video Game Soundtrack. With Just over 400 highly experienced and creative industry professionals and counting, the studio is currently working on multiple new AAA PC and console projects.

Position Overview

This is a fantastic opportunity to work on our well established Total War team. The role of Development Manager is to work alongside and assist the Game Director to manage the development of a game project from pre-production to release.
The successful candidate will assist with the day-to-day and week to week process of managing a cross discipline game team. The Development Manager will be able to provide support to keep the project moving forward, and the team positive, informed and focused whilst keeping momentum. The role will also require working with the project leads to generate the project roadmap, identify dependencies, and prioritise work.
The role will also require the development and fostering of positive relationships and cohesiveness within the team and other relevant third parties including internal relationships with SEGA.

Key Responsibilities

Drive project planning for the team.
Facilitate the planning and estimation process across the team to generate fully scoped plans for upcoming phases of the project.
Manage the development team schedule daily, ensuring that milestones are adhered to, tech and decision pipelines remain unblocked and, if changes to dates are incurred, all relevant parties are notified and the schedule adapted accordingly.
Communicate progress on current and upcoming milestones, providing detailed analysis on team performance, risks and areas for improvement.
Maintain the product roadmap at both a high and detail level in consultation with the Game Director and project leads.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


Very strong organisational skills. Driven and self-motivated approach to work.
Able to identify and assess risks and strategize to mitigate.
Strong project management experience with a good understanding of scheduling, planning, tracking and resource allocation.
Experience with Agile/Scrum.
Excellent problem-solving skills. You will be aware of potential and current issues and formulate pragmatic plans to solve them.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Always looking for ways to improve our process, team or project.
Enthusiastic approach to work with a genuine passion for games.
A team thinker – able to work within a team and to actively work to make the team perform cohesively.
Excellent knowledge and experience using MS Office applications, especially Excel.


Experience working with server-based / free-to-play games.
Advanced Excel skills

Previous experience working with one or more of:

SharePoint and office macros
Good presentation skills.
Knowledge of the Total War Franchise.

This job description is an accurate reflection of the duties and responsibilities of the post as at the time of writing but will be changed from time to time as the job is a career development job which will be adjusted according to the progress of the job holder. It does not form part of the contract of employment.

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Environment Artist

We have an opening on the Total War: Warhammer team, for a versatile Environment Artist, who has a breadth of environment art skills, including organic and inorganic modeling, terrain generation and level building/polishing.


Visual flare and talent
Skilled in 3ds Max/Maya/Modo
Experience with ZBrush & Photoshop
Knowledge of games development pipeline/environment/engines
Self motivated, good communicator, positive can do attitude, team-player
Love of visual environment creation


experience with Substance Designer and Painter
experience with height maps
Proven experience implementing game environments
2d concepting or technical Art skills always a plus!

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Gameplay AI Programmer

We are seeking an experienced, talented programmer who is interested in all things Gameplay AI related.
The successful candidate will be able to communicate well with both the animation and the AI code teams to create performant systems that bring characters to life.

Key Responsibilities:

• Working in a group to iterate on features from design to release standard.
• Creating data driven systems and toolsets for fast iteration of game content.
• Report to the Team Lead.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:


• A good BSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as maths, computer science or engineering.
• Strong maths skills.
• Fluent C++
• A good understanding of optimisation techniques.
• A good knowledge of physics and AI
• Ability to communicate effectively


• Experience of development on XB1, PS4 and PC platforms.
• Multi-threaded / multi core techniques.
• A good knowledge of pathfinding systems.
• A good knowledge of gameplay scripting systems.

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