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The Creative Assembly Recruiting Senior Dialogue Engineer

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Senior Dialogue Engineer

Category: Other
Company: The Creative Assembly
Location: West Sussex (United Kingdom)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Joining one of the most accomplished audio departments in the UK, reporting to the Audio Director, the Senior Dialogue Engineers primary purpose is to create AAA calibre dialogue production on assigned projects.
Working with our team of audio engineers, technicians and programmers to deliver a stellar audio experience for the multi award-winning Total War titles developed at the studio.

Key Responsibilities:

To follow and assist in the execution of the audio direction set out by the Audio Director, delivering a AAA dialogue experience.
Scoping, production and delivery of Dialogue, including domestic and foreign versions on assigned projects.
Work with audio engineers and other stakeholders to cast actors.
Record, edit and mix dialogue content to commercial standards for in-game, cut-scene and when required, marketing usage.
Ensure the dialogue experience is rich, varied and believable. Working with script writers and designers where needed to achieve this.
To continually evaluate and improve the dialogue experience / design keeping abreast of current successful titles and trends in dialogue production and execution.
Integrate and mix audio content into games using in-house tools and other 3rd party software.
To liaise with internal quality assurance staff and Development Managers to ensure dialogue testing is adequately covered.
Set high standards for and mentor junior team members.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience:


Extensive experience as an in-house game or post-production audio engineer commercially recording dialogue.
Proven experience directing actors and crowd sessions to achieve excellence.
Advanced dialogue recording and editorial skills.
Ability to record, track-lay and mix dialogue to picture to commercial standards.
Excellent communication skills.
Able to review work of others and present detailed and constructive feedback.
Able to multi-task projects, plan and schedule dialogue production efforts while remaining quality focused and adhering to deadlines.
Strong organisational skills.
ProTools 10 or above experience to advanced level.
Able to learn new in-house audio tools and software for integrating content.
Able to work as a team player and under own initiative.
HND in Sound Engineering (or above).
A keen interest in and a passion for audio in video games.

Strongly Desirable:

Experienced with the Wwise audio engine.
In-house experience within a game development studio or post-production facility working on Video Games.


Experience working on shipped AAA titles.
Knowledge and familiarity of Total War brand.
Proficient with Wavelab, Waves Plugins, Izotope RX

When applying for this role please include in your CV:

Brief Summary of your Achievements/Experience
Full relative employment history including time periods you were employed at each place.
This should include responsibilities, description of any content produced, day to day summary, credit list and task list. Along with if it was Full-, Part-time or casual/contract work.
If you worked your way up from a junior position please make clear each subsequent role.
The highest level of Education certificate you have achieved and any relevant details (grades etc)

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