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The Thirdfloor Inc (London) Recruiting Pipeline Support, Previs Shot Creators, Previs Generalists, Previs Asset Builders, Previs Editor & Previs Coordinator


Pipeline Support

The Third Floor London is looking for a Pipeline Support TD. The role will involve creating pipeline tools and further development of the existing previsualisation workflow and pipeline. While the role will be based in London, the successful candidate would report to our Head of Pipeline in our Los Angeles office.

At least 3 years of pipeline support experience.
Excellent knowledge of Maya, After Effects and Microsoft Windows.
Proficient in Mel and Python.
Motion Builder experience.
Knowledge of JavaScript, DHTML, Postgres, C++.
A good understanding of the film-making process.
An awareness of Virtual Production.
Proven problem solving abilities, excellent communication & documentation skills.
Able to work to both long and short deadlines.
Flexible and able to work in a frequently changing environment.
Ability to prioritise production needs and tasks.
Detail oriented with strong ability to multi-task.
General understanding of networking and performance issues that arise with automated tools.
Proven understanding of data flow and management.
Rigging experience desirable.

Previs Shot Creator

The Third Floor is seeking ambitious artists who are looking for a golden opportunity to make their mark on the entertainment industry. By using the language of cinematography and animation in tandem to design the strongest possible sequences, a previs artist holds an impactful and highly collaborative role in the filmmaking process. The artistic sketch of the film to come, quickly produced through previs, supports effective creation, communication and realization of the project from development through to production and post.

A previs shot creator pieces together elements, sets them in motion, and “films” them with virtual cameras to create cinematic sequences that represent the creative blueprint. Nearly any aspect of a shot can be tweaked instantaneously to improve the composition or the timing of the action. Working with the previs supervisor, previs shot creators produce previs shots and sequences that help to support the director’s vision via appropriate use of camera movement, lenses, composition, staging, lighting, and editing.

The ideal candidate:
Possesses a strong sense of composition, color, animation timing, and storytelling
Animates a wide variety of subject matter from vehicles to small objects, to realistic character performances, all with a strong sense of camera animation
Uses lights efficiently
Has good knowledge of cinematic language, camera terminology and the ability to use motion blur, depth of field and other effects, to create realism
Has the ability to clean up & accentuate mocap animation
Is team oriented and able to successfully take direction from a supervisor
Is adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew

Software knowledge:
Autodesk Maya
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)

Previs Generalist

The Third Floor London is seeking a special breed of technical and creative artist. Applicants should have a variety of CG skills and a solid understanding of composition and cinematography. The Third Floor’s artists collaborate with high-profile directors, editors and VFX supervisors and must be prepared to implement changes on the fly.

3+ years CG experience in commercials, features and/or games
Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
Strong layout and camera animation skills are a must
Generalist capabilities (i.e. the basic ability to model, texture, animate, light, and composite)
Strong modelling and texturing skills
Strong character animation and timing skills
3D tracking and match moving skills a plus
Knowledge of rigging, mel scripting, and dynamics a plus
Traditional skills such as storyboarding and matte painting a plus
Film school background and/or on-set experience desired
A vivid imagination

Software knowledge:
Autodesk Maya
Adobe After Effects (a plus)
Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)
Boujou, PFTrack (a plus)

Previs Asset Builder

The Third Floor London is seeking a special breed of 3D modellers. Assets are built quickly and must be highly optimized for real-time workflow in Maya. An asset builder must be able to take artistic direction from a wide spectrum of sources to produce environments, props, and characters that best represent the director’s vision. The ideal asset builder candidate will have a strong sense of design and feel comfortable filling in the gaps of information to ensure each asset looks its best. Strong Knowledge of low-polygon modelling is a must, and good knowledge of real-time OpenGL techniques for lighting and FX is a plus.

The ideal candidate will:
Be team oriented and able to successfully take direction from a supervisor
Be adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew
Have a strong sense of design, and a knack for using real-time elements to evoke cinematic lighting and depth

Software knowledge:
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)
Mudbox (a plus)
ZBrush (a plus)

Previs Editor

The Third Floor London is seeking a Previs Editor with strong animation and technical skills.

Job Functions:
Edit using animated Quicktime movies and storyboards
Coordinate with the previs supervisor to acquire all shots to be used in the final project
Participate in story discussions and suggest additional shots
Edit sound effects and music
Record temp dialogue and edit into sequence
Effectively take notes and feedback and apply supervisor’s and director’s notes to sequences
Handle multiple projects and deliver results in a timely manner
Catalogue and manage all work, edit versions, desktop computer files
Produce company show reels and presentation material
Troubleshoot technical problems and operate independently without assistance

Preferred Skills & Experience
At least 3 years professional experience in digital editing using Avid
Must have great communication skills with high-profile clients in the film industry
Detail oriented with an ability to meet frequent deadlines
Fluent proficiency on Final Cut Pro and Avid required
Must have experience cutting picture, sound and music
Must have your own collection of sound effects and music
Must have strong storytelling skills
Able to take direction and work well with others
Ability to work with people in a collaborative environment.
Solid knowledge of film terminology, film techniques, film editing styles, film mixing, and film in general
Knowledge of audio/video compression and converters for client delivery
Technical understanding of PC and Mac OS X (Hardware & Software)

Previs Coordinator

The Previs Coordinator is central to previs project management. They liaise with all aspects of production as well as help strategize and implement tasks and targets crucial to the delivery of the project on time and on budget.

Work with producer, leads and supervisors to track and manage the artists, meeting internal and external deadlines
Organize dailies, Cinesync and Skype sessions, rounds and meetings, taking notes and following up on information as necessary
Ensure production database is updated daily with notes and critical information before departing for the day
Communicate information quickly and succinctly to crew and other departments in person, not just via email
Keep communication flowing through all members of the team
Anticipate and communicate issues to producer and supervisor to resolve problems quickly
Take detailed, comprehensive notes and review with lead after dailies /rounds
Maintain accurate summary of progress from previous day’s work by artists
Oversee execution of client deliveries
Helping to maintain a positive, upbeat and professional production office, being pro-active and solution-oriented for all members of the team
Other ad hoc duties as may be reasonably expected of the post-holder
The role will require being off-site for periods of time

Previous experience at Production Coordinator or Production Assistant level
Highly organized, first-class time/project management skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Proven ability to prioritize conflicting tasks
Ability to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment
Ability to work within a team towards a common goal
In depth understanding of the production workflow
In depth understanding of common file formats and resolutions
Excellent client communication skills

Existing knowledge of production databases, including Shotgun
Good knowledge of MS Office packages (incl Excel, Word and Project)
Good knowledge of Maya and Photoshop a plus
Basic Avid/editorial knowledge
Lateral thinking skills

Please use the application form to apply for these roles. Online reels and links to websites are welcome. Please also include a shot breakdown showing specifically what you contributed to each shot/sequence.

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