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ToonBox Entertainment Recruiting Art Designer & FX Supervisor

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Art Designer

Reports to: Art Director

Position Description and Responsibilities:

To collaborate with the Art Director / Director to explore and develop colour background design as required by production or the studio
To present the visual direction of colour and/or texture for environments / sets, and props as a means to provide the roadmap for the surfacing and lighting/compositing teams during visual development, pre-production, and production while meeting the highest of quality, aesthetically and technically
To listen to the Art Director/ Director’s description/s / launch of sequences and shots and create quality visual / colour backgrounds paintings to capture both the activity and the emotion of the scene(s)
To partner with Art Director (CG Supervisor and Technical Team, if required) to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most efficient manner;
To revise, edit and modify work as indicated by the Art Director;
To work collaboratively with other departments to support their needs as determined by the Art Director or Creative Director or Production Designer;
To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to aspects of art and design and related revisions;
To research and collate suitable reference material from various sources for asset and shot production;
To produce concept art, schematics, layouts, matte paintings as deemed necessary;
To provide creative input where appropriate;
To work in adherence to budget and schedule constraints while maintaining the show’s overall look and mood via organising and managing timelines to ensure colour design is cast, completed and submitted on time;
To ensure file management and archiving of art work is maintained throughout the course of production;
To troubleshoot creative and technical issues as they arise as requested by Art Director.
To assist in other art department / production needs as needs must.

Required Skills and Experience

3- 5 years’ experience in feature films creating photorealistic and stylized environments
Degree in Art, industrial design or painting preferred
Knowledge of Photoshop must
Understanding of compositing software desired – Nuke
Strong knowledge of advanced matte painting techniques including color space, digital paint techniques and Photoshop file management
Good knowledge and ability with perspective, value matching, and motion
Good knowledge of camera focal lengths and composition
Knowledge of film resolution and aspect rations
Strong time management in relation to deadlines
Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Location: Toronto, ON

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FX Supervisor

Reports to: Producer & CG Supervisor

Position Description

The FX Supervisor, under the guidance of the CG Supervisor and Director, is charged with the responsibility of guiding the FX crew to deliver the desired looks and behaviors of visual effects in a CG feature film via use of available software within the agreed upon pipeline. The FX Supervisor determines the technical approaches needed to achieve these effects, and is expected to task FX artists with their execution based on the array of skillsets present within the team.

The FX Supervisor functions as a principal Liaison between the crew of FX artists and the senior creative partnership of the CG Supervisor and Director. The FX Supervisor reviews and refines production estimates of his artists, provides schedules to the CG supervisor and Production Management, and regularly monitors progress of all work within his department. The FX Supervisor also remains aware of parallel efforts that are underway (such as pipeline development or asset creation) in other teams that are expected to directly impact the FX department’s production progress.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

· Working with the CG Supervisor to identify and prioritize the effects in the film as well as communicate to outside departments dependencies that impact the FX department’s progress.
· Working with the Pipeline Supervisor to establish functionality specifications for the production infrastructure to allow the successful delivery of assets into and out of the FX department.
· Working with the CG Supervisor and Production Management to maintain clear and realistic expectations of deliverables, and to define digital asset and production software needs of the FX crew.
· Maintaining an extremely good visual sense of correct dynamic behaviours, being able to recognize technical and/or simulation problems and identifying what needs to be done in order to apply appropriate fixes.
· Establishing optimal workflows within the FX team, and assessing the work of FX artists to ensure that the approaches and results are ideal.
· Analyzing script breakdowns to identify and report on FX complexity levels in upcoming productions.
· Remaining abreast of new and emerging technologies as well as remaining fully informed about industry techniques in order to be able to recommend third-party applications to be used on ToonBox productions, achieve aesthetic targets, and troubleshoot and identify production issues.
· Writing and reviewing user and technical documentation relating to FX workflows and production practices, as well as technical specifications for pipeline and tool software developers.
· Communicating clearly and promptly with the CG Supervisor, Production Management, colleagues in other departments, and internally with the FX crew.
· Mentoring, providing direction, and preparing new hire orientations for FX Artists.
· Assisting with HR tasks such as recruiting and performance evaluations.
· Performing shot work and executing fixes as required during production.
· Observance of short turnaround times. Being able to produce robust prototypes quickly and effectively is critical.
· May also be called upon to do shot work when necessary during visual development or during intensive production periods.
· Willing to travel occasionally and help coordinate/oversee work in foreign partnering studios.


· A minimum of 6 (six) years of CG FX production experience.
· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent job experience.
· Proven experience as an expert user of Houdini and Maya.
· Proficiency in technical issues surrounding all aspects of 3D production, in particular the simulation of particles, rigid and soft-bodies, fluids, cloth, and hair.
· Programming experience in Python, MEL, VEX, Hscript, C++, PyQt or others.
· Solid experience with different render engines preferably 3Delight/Renderman.
· Solid experience with Nuke, Fusion, Shake or other compositing software.
· Experience building and supporting digital assets (HDAs, Houdini Engine).
· Experience in Maya’s API and Houdini’s HDK is a definite plus.
· Familiarity with the AlembicIO, OpenVDB data formats is a plus.
· Experience with Tractor, Deadline, Qube or other farm management software.
· Solid investigative problem solving and debugging abilities.
· Very strong leadership, organizational and project management skills.
· A proven ability to clearly communicate creative and technical ideas.
· A solid aesthetic sense; a consistent, finely tuned creative eye that can recognize, direct and execute outstanding, coherent, well-integrated visual effects.
· A professional history of collaboration on projects with teams of varied sizes and disciplines.
· Articulate and timely communication skills are essential.

Location: Crowd / VFX Department in Toronto, ON

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