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ToonBox Entertainment Recruiting Assistant Editor, Senior/Lead Modeller & Lighting/Comp Artists

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Assistant Editor


Position: Assistant Editor
Reports to: Editor / Production Manager

Position Description:

An individual contributor that carries out assigned aspects of animated feature film editing work. Is responsible for tracking dialogue lines and for cutting them into picture, as well as helping to support and organize the Editing department by coordinating elements needed for creating the story and production reels.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Carries out assigned aspects of animation feature editing activities
Sets up dailies
Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets
Responsible for maintaining all production notes and their entry onto the production tracking system
Assists the editorial team as needed
Tracks dialogue and labels/categorizes audio elements as necessary
Cuts in the latest versions of shots and prepares for dailies sessions; assembles the reel for screenings as necessary
Organizes all in-coming content and source material for editorial purposes
Delivers assignments per the project’s schedule
Adheres to digital file management protocols
Supports and integrates the values of ToonBox that being a commitment to innovation, creativity, professionalism and inspiration
Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients
Additional duties as requested

Required Skills and Experience:

1-2 years’ experience editing picture and dialogue
Basic knowledge of narrative development and storytelling as it pertains to editing
Basic knowledge in using AVID is required
Knowledgeable with production tracking system
Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. Practices active listening
Willingness to share information, methodologies and ideas with others
Open to and encourages feedback and new initiatives
Solid work ethic and positive attitude. Ability to work under pressure
Self-motivated and pro-active. Consistently strives to expand knowledge base
Efficient and detail oriented
Strong problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively
Ability to deliver work on time and meet set production objectives
Makes decisions in a timely manner. Accepts accountability for own action
Benefits: Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits

Terms of Employment: Full-Time

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Modeller – Senior/Lead


Reports to: Art Director/Modelling Supervisor/Production Manager

Primary Responsibilities:

The lead / Senior modeller provides modelling direction in the execution of specific projects. He or she may be assigned to a single project, or may oversee a number of projects with related technologies.
Oversees the daily operations of the modelling team.
In conjunction with the Supervisor & Art Director, is responsible for mentoring, managing, developing, training, and evaluating the performance of the modelling team members.
Work with other modellers to develop “best practices” procedures
Implements animation control modelling systems for complex characters, sets and props using Maya
Works with the Supervisor/s, Director and Modelling Department to ensure that all models meet the show’s requirements.
Keeps Producer, Director, Supervisor/s advised of various issues including staffing, resources, deadlines and issues, etc.
Oversees the characters, sets, vehicles and props modelled through the animation pipeline, for both low poly and high poly counts.
Main responsibilities include facial target modelling and other organic and non-organic modelling tasks.
Ensure the CG characters will employ all current character setup procedures.
Troubleshoot and wrangle character issues for artists within various disciplines. For example, sending models back to the Art Department for draw-overs and working with the Surfacing dept.
Keep constant communication with the Animation Supervisor to ensure the models meet animators’ requests. Additionally close communication and collaboration with Production through Rendering and Lighting departments.

Experience Required:

Proven experience of working on more complex set pieces/models using commercial applications such as Maya or Renderman
3 – 5+ years CG Modelling experience
Shotgun experience is a must
Experience with a sculpting application (zBrush/MudBox) a bonus
Benefits: Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits, Other Benefits

Annual Salary: $75,000 to $100,000 – Based on experience

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Lighting/Comp Artists


Position Description:

To collaborate within a team environment focusing on the lighting and compositing of shots during visual development, pre-production, and production while meeting the highest of quality, aesthetically and technically, on the studio’s CG Productions;
To light and composite shots for feature film production as well as other projects in development per established guidelines and timelines;
To identify potential lighting issues with regard towards scheduled deadlines;
To help troubleshoot and debug lighting/compositing issues as they arise over the course of visual development, pre-production, or production to ensure shot quota is met;
To ensure shots meet established render requirements;
To follow file management specifications provided;
To partner with Art Director, CG Supervisor, Lead Lighter/Compositor, and Technical Team to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most efficient manner;
To spot, report, and communicate creative and technical issues as they arise via sharing knowledge or solutions with team members;
To assist other team members within the Lighting/Composite Department as needs arise;
To work collaboratively with other departments such as Technology, Texturing, VFX;
To work in other asset/shot departments and assist with studio milestones and targets as considered appropriate via skill set and deemed necessary by production;
To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to the Lighting and Compositing Department (schedule, complexity of setups, etc.).

Required Skills and Experience:

Advanced knowledge of Maya, and Compositing (Nuke preferred), Renderman experience preferred
5+ years’ experience as a Lighting Artist
CG Feature film experience a must
Ability to communicate creative and technical ideas
A team player and leader, with a track record of multi-tasking and prioritize shot requirement to meet schedule
The Lighting/Compositing Artist must have a complete working knowledge of the lighting process in conjunction with the compositing process. (DEPARTMENT NOTE: Once a shot has been lit, the lighting artist is required to organise the shot into various layers for render. The rendered layers must then be composited by the same artist to create the final scene.)

Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits


Yearly: min. $75,000 max. $120,000 for 40.0 hours per week – Based on experience

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