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ToonBox Entertainment Recruiting Lighter/Compositor & Shader Writer



Position: Lighter/Compositor
Reports to: Lead Lighter-Compositor

Position Description:
• To collaborate within a team environment focussing on the lighting and compositing of shots during visual development, pre-production, and production while meeting the highest of quality, aesthetically and technically, on the studio’s CG stereoscopic feature film entitled THE NUT JOB, amongst other titles;
• To light and composite shots for feature film production as well as other projects in development per established guidelines and timelines;
• To identify potential lighting issues with regard towards scheduled deadlines;
• To help troubleshoot and debug lighting/compositing issues as they arise over the course of visual development, pre-production, or production to ensure shot quota is met;
• To ensure shots meet established render requirements;
• To follow file management specifications provided;
• To partner with Art Director, CG Supervisor, Lead Lighter/Compositor, and Technical Team to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most efficient manner;
• To spot, report, and communicate creative and technical issues as they arise via sharing knowledge or solutions with team members;
• To assist other team members within the Lighting/Composite Department as needs arise;
• To work collaboratively with other departments such as Technology, Texturing, VFX;
• To work in other asset/shot departments and assist with studio milestones and targets as considered appropriate via skill set and deemed necessary by production;
• To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to the Lighting and Compositing Department (schedule, complexity of setups, etc.).

Required Skills and Experience:
-Advanced knowledge of Maya, and Compositing (Nuke preferred), Renderman experience preferred
-6+ years’ experience as a Lighting Artist
-CG Feature film experience a must
-Ability to communicate creative and technical ideas
– A team player and leader, with a track record of multi-tasking and prioritize shot requirement to meet schedule
-The Lighting/Compositing Artist must have a complete working knowledge of the lighting process in conjunction with the compositing process. (DEPARTMENT NOTE: Once a shot has been lit, the lighting artist is required to organise the shot into various layers for render. The rendered layers must then be composited by the same artist to create the final scene.)

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Attention: ToonBox Careers
ToonBox Entertainment Ltd.
26 Richardson St. Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4J9


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Senior Shader Writer

Senior Shader Writer collaborates with Art Director, Lighting TD’s, and pipeline TD’s to drive the look development and work flow procedures of CG assets and write/create shader based solutions for production needs. In current phase of production this is a more technical role where you will support current shader updates and problem solving 3delight and rib issues, and will require a deep understanding of 3d rendering pipeline and shader writing.

Primary Responsibilities:

ToonBox Entertainment Recruiting Lighter/Compositor & Shader Writer
– Works with Lighting crew to support any issues they have with shaders or rendering.
– Ability to support and troubleshoot a rib based pipeline as well as modify and update our rib exporter.
– Works with Digital supervisors and R&D to ensure shaders are optimized, production ready and fit the studio standards and conventions.
– Helps establish studio shader writing conventions and texturing and shading workflow.
– Provides aesthetic and technical guidance for all areas of production pipeline.
– Contributes to cross department workflow for assets to keep their visual integrity and optimal rendering performance.


– High level mathematical skills are required with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience preferred.
– 3 years of experience as a shader writer with a portfolio that shows ability to create photoreal surfaces for feature film work.
– Strong aesthetic sense and ability to propose solutions without requiring lower level guidance.
– Ability to balance technical and aesthetic concerns in creating art directable, photoreal shaders.
– Strong working knowledge of a production-level pipeline a necessity, experience as a lighting technical director preferred
– Proven knowledge and experience with writing DSOs and programming shaders using RSL and/or C++ on Unix and Windows based operating systems.
– Experience in writing and modifying rib exporters.
– Proven knowledge of Maya and Houdini and Renderman compliant renders.
– Must work well in a team environment, have strong organizational and communication skills.
– Experience with hardware shading languages would also be an asset.

Please send your material with appropriate documentation to the following address:

Attention: ToonBox Careers
ToonBox Entertainment Ltd.
26 Richardson St. Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4J9


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