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ToonBox Entertainment Recruiting Layout Artist, Production Coordinator, Character Finaling Artist, Manager Film Production & Lighting/Rendering Technical Director

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Layout Artist (Pre-viz)


Position: Pre-viz Artist
Reports to: Pre-viz Supervisor/Pre-viz Lead/Assistant Production Manager
Department: Rough Layout

Position Description:

The Pre-viz Artist reports to the Pre-viz Supervisor, the Pre-viz Lead, and the Assistant Production Manager. His/her first priority is to create dynamic, creative and inspiring cinematic expressions for the film that support the narrative, adhere to the Director’s vision (as represented by the story reel) and works within Production assumptions.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Work closely with the Director and Pre-viz Supervisor to create cinematic sequences in the 3-D environment that both interpret and enhance the unique vision for the story.
Must be able to work from storyboards and/or create sequences from script treatments.
Able to analyze, trouble-shoot and creatively solve cinematic problems that inevitably arise in the course of production.
Able to pitch and effectively communicate these solutions and ideas to the Director, Pre-viz Supervisor and creative team.
Work with the Director, the Pre-viz/Shot Prep Supervisor and the CG Supervisor to refine sequence and shot iterations until approved.
Adhere to Pipeline protocols for the Pre-viz/Shot prep department, as established by Production
Identify and flag any pipeline or department work-flow problems that may arise.
Adhere to the production schedule for the department.
Attend department meetings with to keep up to date on story reel changes and department
Communicate in a timely fashion with APM and Production for all inter-department issues.
Attend all sequence reviews, launches and approvals with the Director and Maintain detailed and accurate notes.
Provide a clean, legible final file and appropriate notes to the next department (Shot-prep).

Required Skills and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer Science or computer animation or equivalent work
3 – 5 years of experience creating cinematic pre-visualizations or rough layout for CG animation, with preference for feature film experience.
A strong interest in Pre-viz/Layout, storytelling and
Strong knowledge of cinematic language and the fundamentals of image structure, staging, lensing and composition.
Strong knowledge of story structure.
Shotgun knowledge
Some exposure to modeling, lighting, texturing and animation is
Demonstrated experience working in the Maya environment and solid knowledge of the basic tools of the CG Pre-viz artist.

Annual Salary: $65,000 to $85,000 – Based on experience


Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits

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Production Coordinator

Position Description:

The Production Coordinator assists with the management of the production process from pre-production through production on an animated feature film. The Coordinator is assigned to a specific department or group of departments and will become an integral part of the management structure of that team.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Assists in the day to day running of the departments(s), managing established scheduled through production planning, coordinator and troubleshooting
Provides the Assistant Production managers / Production Manager, artist and supervisors with support to enable them to complete their work
Develops and uses planning systems and ‘work in progress’ tracking systems daily
Provides administrative support and back up support to the production team including typing memos, documents and schedules, computer data entry and filing
Prepares, maintains and distributes artwork, reports, etc. as needed to appropriate personnel
Prepares routine correspondence and forms, packaging and shipping, etc. as needed
Assists with the food service, running errands and catering set up as needed
Completes special projects as needed or requested
Provides administrative support as needed
Ensures production environment is clean and fully supplied
Additional duties as requested

Required Skills and Experience:

2+ years of experience in production, preferably in animation
Strong organizational , project management skills
Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision
Ability to work effectively with diverse personalities and work styles
Requires excellent administrative skills including work processing, strong knowledge of Word and Excel project Management software experience
Capable of working independently and part of a team. High level of initiative, flexibility and confidentiality
Ability of establish priorities and multi-task efficiently within a high-pressure environment while meeting strict deadlines
Bachelor’s degree in film, art, theatre, communications or related, preferred
Korean language required to support daily dealing with Korean co-pro company; Provide admin and backup support to production team; assist with management of production process such scheduling/tracking


Other Benefits,Medical Benefits,Dental Benefits,Life Insurance Benefits,Group Insurance Benefits,Vision Care Benefits

Annual Salary: min. $50,000 max. $59,000 – Based on experience

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Character Finaling Artist


POSITION: Character Finaling Artist – Senior / Lead


The Senior Character Finaling Artist applies a number of techniques—including but not limited to sculpting, grooming, and simulations of cloth and hair—to clean up and enhance character animation on a computer-generated feature.


Collaborate in the design, development and implementation of techniques and systems that simulate cloth and hair, and integrate them into the production pipeline.
Create permanent pose space deformers that allow animation to achieve specific target shapes.
Fix undesirable shapes and artifacts in shots coming out of animation.
Simulate cloth animation in shots.
Groom and simulate hair/fur animation in shots.
Troubleshoot technical issues as they arise.


3 – 5 years of experience at features level CFX & Cloth Sim experience
Strong knowledge of Maya is essential.
Good artistic skills and an eye for natural motion in humans and animals.
Knowledge of ncloth, nhair, and yeti strongly preferred / required.
Experience creating and using pose space deformers.
Experience in rigging, modeling, and animation are pluses.
A good generalist. Solid understanding of and experience with the entire animation production process from layout to compositing is a plus.
Able to take direction and adapt to change.
Linux experience preferred.
Shotgun or the equivalent essential
Benefits: Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits

Salary: Yearly: min. $65,000 max. $110,000 for 40.0 hours per week – Based on experience


Manager Film Production


Position: Production Manager
Reports to: Producer/Head of Production
Department: Production Management

Position Description:

Manage the day-to-day operation of the production including crew scheduling, production scheduling, and tracking and of man weeks. The Production Manager is also responsible for overseeing the Assistant Production Managers, Production Coordinators and Assistants as well as Team Leads to ensure and maintain the proper allocation of departmental resources throughout the production schedule, for any ToonBox project, over the course of the entire production cycle (during visual development, pre-production, and production, post-production).

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:


Macro schedule- work with Producer using budgeted assumptions, breakdown and create a more detailed departmental schedule with the department APMs.
Oversee departments’ output to ensure resources are on target.
Create and analyze production reports per department with the APM and work with Producer to develop a weekly production status report.
Breakdown story reel to plan for new work to be produced. Schedule out work in partnership with Producer and CG Supervisor as necessary.
Support Producer in terms of defining specific start dates for new hires. Partner with Producer (and Recruiting) to ensure start up agendas and packages are prepared for all new hires.
Update and modify master schedule as required throughout production. Communicate changes to all applicable people.
Identify schedule variances and monitor changes incurred from approved production plan; recommend corrective action as necessary.


Oversee the weekly tracking of departments’ quotas along with given departments’ APMs.
Evolve the file management system as necessary, including that of all artwork created by the design department.
Ensure that the file management and/or tracking system is being used properly.
Check all data for accuracy and to ensure the project is on track.
Ensure the APMs are tracking their department’s output and reporting status’ appropriately.


May be assigned responsibility for voice recording and casting.
Work with Producers to get clearance feedback and implement it.
Prepare and distribute weekly production reports to all applicable people.
Make recommendations for improvements to production and pipeline systems, particularly with respect to scheduling, and flow of information, milestone realization, and resource management.
Help to achieve and balance creative and operational goals of the project.
Identify production issues and proactively loopback this information to the producer.

Required Skills and Experience:

Project management – proven ability in managing projects from concept to completion.
Able to prioritize appropriately and always meet deadlines.
Excellent teamwork – ability to assemble and motivate teams and work effectively with others.
Strong written & verbal communication – good at following directions.
Organization – demonstrate organizational skills, including a strong attention to detail.
Strong problem solving skills.
Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills.


Experience in traditional 2D and 3D animation production.
Minimum 5 years of animation/industry experience.
Proficient in MS office suites including Excel and Word.
Proficient in Shotgun
Overseas animation experiences a bonus.

Annual Salary: $75,000 to $100,000 – Based on experience


Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits

Job Type: Full-time

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Lighting/Rendering Technical Director


Position: Lighting/Rendering Technical Director

The Lighting/Rendering TD provides critical support for lighting and other artists in creating digital images for an animated feature.


Troubleshoot and resolve lighting and rendering-related technical issues for artists as they arise.
Understand current tools and their limitations. Build on them to reduce artists’ pain points.
Maintain tools. Document and train artists in their use.
Light shots as a lighting artist (time and skill set permitting).


2+ years production experience in computer animation, visual effects, or game development. Understand the unique needs and priorities of a production environment.
Maya experience is essential.
Strong scripting and/or programming skills. Python/PyQt and C++ preferred.
Understanding of fundamental principles of UI design.
Good knowledge of a RenderMan-compliant renderer. Prman or 3Delight preferred.
Familiar with render farm software. Tractor preferred.
Exceptional communication skills. Able to listen actively as well as articulating complex ideas.
Able to manage priorities.
Can work independently or as part of a team.

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