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Touch Surgery Looking for a Pipeline / Rigging TD

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Want to create cutting-edge 3D animations for the growing medical imaging industry? Excited by the challenge of creating an animation pipeline from scratch? Have a technical bent and want to learn more about creating amazing, realistic imagery? Then read on!

Touch Surgery is dedicated to creating the best surgical reference and training tools for the global surgical community. Our current product is available on iOS and Android devices and includes a growing number of surgical modules which allow the user to learn and test themselves on a specific surgery by allowing them to interact with 3D simulated animations of the surgery.

The development of the content for the app is ongoing, and we’re constantly seeking new ways to increase our productivity and the quality of the animations to make the simulation of the surgery as realistic as possible. We want our users to have an experience as close to being in the operating room as possible.

The small but talented team contains 3D generalists and animators, and we are always looking for talented artists and technicians to join our rapidly growing team

We are currently looking to hire a pipeline TD and/or Rigging TD with coding experience to join the Touch Surgery team. The ideal candidate would have some experience writing code (particularly Python) and be excited about writing pipeline scripts, with an interest or some experience creating rigs.

The successful candidate would help form the backbone of the content creation pipeline, and would help to create a toolset and pipeline that would enable us to work efficiently while creating amazing visuals from modeling to texturing to animating to lighting to rendering. They would also help us to create rigs to be able to animate very realistic anatomical processes, such as incisions and deformation of soft tissue.

Working at Touch Surgery is a great opportunity for an experienced 3D artist to learn a new field (tech startups and medical visualization), or for a budding 3D artist to have the chance to help shape the workflow of a new animation pipeline while learning and growing with some excellent team members.

The sky is the limit for the right candidate – the growth opportunities are abundant, and your supervisor has over 13 years of experience as a TD and CG Supervisor, with over 8 years at Pixar Animation Studios and who has worked at the top London Visual Effects companies, such as Double Negative and Framestore.

If you think you’re the right person for the job, please get in touch and we can discuss how you might be able to add to the Touch Surgery team! or

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