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Trion Worlds Recruiting Environment Artist

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Environment Artist

As a US employer, Trion is required to verify all employees, regardless of citizenship or national origin, are eligible to work in the United States.

Trion Worlds is seeking an exceptional and passionate Environment Artist. The successful candidate will work with the Art Director, Lead Environment Artist, and the design and engineering teams to build fantastic settings and assets for our AAA-quality worlds.


Work with the Lead Artist, Lead Environment Artist, Art Director, designers, programmers, and concept artists on design projects, from early concept stages to completion of assets
Work with Lead Environment Artist and designers to create final art for terrain, dungeons, and objects, optimizing assets to run at desirable frame-rate and fit within memory limitations
Communicate to leads when support is necessary to meet design goals
Carry out specified art style determined by the Art Director and Lead Environment Artist, working to accomplish visual consistency and quality within the game
Communicate any major problem areas, expectations, or desired modifications to the Lead Environment Artist
Assist in the successful creation of the following assets, in accordance with approved concept art and within scheduled timeframes: environment models, UV mapping, lighting, and shader setups (including all applicable texture maps)
Ensure all assets are clean and organized within each file, file structure, and storage
Keep abreast of changes and improvements made to the game engine and production pipeline during development
Work with lead artists, technical artists, and tools programmers to create and augment environment workflow to increase production efficiency
Assist and mentor fellow environment artists in the following tasks: modeling, texturing, lighting, optimization, time management, art and design problems, technical issues, etc.


Minimum of 3 years of industry experience in a related position
Portfolio or reel containing examples of 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting, including examples of architecture, world-building, organic environments, and prop objects
2D concept art samples showing a strong understanding of color theory and shape design as related to environments
Excellent working knowledge of Photoshop
Proficient in 3D software such as Maya or Max
Skilled in Zbrush or Mudbox
Excellent knowledge of the environment production pipeline, including memory, limitations, collision, building streaming/loading levels, and level lighting, etc.
Working knowledge of game engines and artist tools
Strong work ethic and attention to detail
Must be able to work effectively and efficiently within a team including giving and receiving feedback
Passion for making games and creating art
Greatly prefer some terrain and level editing experience


Art-related college degree: BA or BFA
Teaching or leading experience related to art or games
Strong knowledge of modern video games, specifically MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)

Please note:

All job inquiries and résumés submitted to Trion Worlds, Inc. will be treated in confidence, provided that Trion Worlds, Inc. shall have the right to use the personal information contained therein to contact you and for internal evaluation purposes.

This is an on-site Fulltime job in Redwood Shores, CA.

I’m an artist, but you can email me your stuff:

but be sure to apply to the site above to get it to HR as well.
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