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Trion Worlds Recruiting Senior Character Artist

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Senior Character Artist

As a US employer, Trion is required to verify all employees, regardless of citizenship or national origin, are eligible to work in the United States.
Trion Worlds is seeking an exceptional and passionate Senior Character Artist to drive the development of heroes, champions, and monsters for our award-winning MMORPG, RIFT. The Senior Character Artist will work with the Art Director, Lead Environment Artist, and the design and engineering teams to create characters that make players say “I want to play that game!”


Research and development of characters and creatures for stylized, fantasy games
Modeling, UV mapping, and texturing of characters in both game and high-polygon resolutions
Handle more technical aspects of character creation including pipeline concerns, building assets with optimum efficiency, the creation of advanced shaders, and asset integration
Work closely with other disciplines to determine character technical specifications
Work closely with art direction to determine character look
Oversee and audit other character models to ensure consistency with art style, optimal construction techniques, and efficient texture usage


Strong traditional art skills and background
Strong understanding of humanoid and animal anatomy and musculature
3+ years of industry experience
Minimum of two titles shipped
Excellent working knowledge of Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, and CrazyBump
Excellent understanding of character rigging and animation concerns as they apply to the modeling process
Excellent understanding of computer graphic fundamentals and video game art production pipelines
Excellent understanding of art fundamentals such as color theory, light, shade, and form
Working knowledge of game engines and artist tools
Strong work ethic and attention to detail
Ability to work to a schedule
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
BFA or equivalent
Ability to create your own creature concepts is a huge plus!


Please include samples of your work that show your ability to create original and unique texture maps using Photoshop
Please include samples of your work that show the model wireframes associated with the same
Please show samples of your 3D models at in-game polygon resolutions (low poly) along with higher resolution models (high poly) created in Zbrush or Mudbox for normal mapping

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