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Shading & Rendering TD – Trixter Film (Munich)

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TRIXTER is currently looking for a Mid-Senior Shading & Rendering TD to complete our Production Engineering team. Long-term contract. To start as soon as possible.
Location: Munich, Germany.


• Develops and supports the studio shaders and rendering pipeline to meet the competitive needs of the studio.
• Implements new shading techniques based on research papers and technical documentation.
• Adds show specific custom functionality to shaders to meet lighting and compositing requirements
• Develops and maintains renderer plug-ins, scenegraph generators and DSOs as part of the Katana pipeline.
• Assists the Rendering Supervisor in optimising renders and works to pro-actively improve rendering efficiency.
• Configures and updates the Tractor render farm system to meet production schedules/needs.


• Strong technical and artistic background
• Minimum of 3 years feature film or equivalent high-res (2K) experience
• Scripting skills in MEL, RSL, Python, Mel, C++
• Proven in-depth experience in lighting, rendering, shading, scripting and development
• Great communication and problem solving skills
• Ability to work well within a team
• Solid Linux knowledge
• Good English language skills.

This opening is only open to people with an EU citizenship or with an existing German Visa.
To apply, please send us your CV, availability and desired salary range to

Thank you,

Laila Sleiman

VFX Recruiter at Trixter Film GmbH
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