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Trixter Recruiting VFX Producer

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VFX Producer

Trixter Berlin is currently looking for an experienced VFX Producer to join our production department as soon as possible.
The Producer role carries significant responsibilities both internal and external to the facility. From the bidding process to driving a production schedule and managing a budget, being effective in this role is crucial to a well organized project.

Location: Berlin
Duration of Contract: 1 year

Primary responsibilities:

Providing cost estimations and bids
Working with the Visual Effects Supervisor in bidding new projects
Developing project schedules and planning their implementation
Budget an entire project accurately and make sure it’s kept within that budget
Monitoring the project progress to ensure that budgetary and scheduling targets are being met
Working with the Visual Effects Supervisor in evaluating and hiring staff
Interfacing with clients regarding budgetary and scheduling issues


Significant experience as a Producer in an established visual effects facility
In-depth knowledge of a CGI production workflow and of general film postproduction
Excellent communication, interpersonal and team leadership skills
Be incredibly well organized
Business acumen and an ability to balance financial responsibilities and negotiations
Organization, reliability and diligence
Proficient in using Microsoft Excel
Ability to motivate team members and to solve problems efficiently and patiently
Excellent German and English language skills
EU citizenship or an existing German work permit.

Please send your application by email
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