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After Effects and Cinema 4D Expert – Santa Monica, ASAP

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We’re looking to work with a motion designer who’s skilled in After Effects who ideally also knows Cinema 4D as well to help execute a very high-end corporate video for a large tech firm.

Here is an example of the type of style we’d like to simulate for this upcoming project:

The project runtime is less than three minutes and you would be working with a lead VFX artist splitting the work between you both in order to make our tight deadline.
An editor is working on creating a bed of B-roll and stock footage that we would present to them on May 26th, and we’d like to have he/she work every business day until June 3rd (and if they’re interested in working through the weekend, we would absolutely embrace that offer:)

The position pays a very competitive rate.

If you’re interested & available, I’d love to view your reel. We would ideally like to work in our offices in Santa Monica and would prefer to fly you to Los Angeles to work alongside our team if you don’t live in LA.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

James L Reid
Head of Production

Apply here:-
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