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Vfxx-view Recruiting Digital Matte Painter

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Job Requirements:

Job Location: Hyderabad, India

Job Description: We are currently looking for a Digital Matte Painter.

Job Responsibilities:

• Create photorealistic backgrounds and environments to match the overall look and feel of the film,
• Combine skills in painting and 3D animation with knowledge of design, photography, and digital modeling to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images for film,
• Contribute to the visual and technical attributes of the production.


• Skilled in painting photo-real images using photo reference to create the highest quality digital set extensions, skies, elements, and environments,
• Strong traditional art skills including knowledge of color, lighting, perspective, and composition,
• Advanced 2D skills in Photoshop with 3D experience, preferably in Maya,
• Ability to complete work within the bid timeframe, while maintaining constant communication with production teams and other CG artists,
• A Bachelor’s degree in illustration, industrial design, or fine art preferred,
• 2.5D / 3D projecting experience is a plus,
• Strong knowledge of photography is a bonus, especially in relation to lenses,
• Demonstrable skills in Concept design desirable but not essential,
• Vue experience would be an asset.

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