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Virtuos Recruiting Senior Technical Artist

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Senior Technical Artist

Hello Polycounters!

Virtuos is looking for a Senior Technical Artist experienced with Unreal 3 and/or UE4. Your job will be working with both engines to help us port 2 to 3 games of a well known super hero franchise from current gen to Gen4. That’s your chance to work with the latest hardware and the most awesome game engine out there!

Your profile:

You have been working with Unreal for the past few years on commercial titles for PC or console. Ideally you picked up UE4 already and started working with it. You have a solid understanding of art production – modeling, texturing and some rigging and animation. You are really good at UE4 shaders and PBR.
You are pro-active and come up with solutions and suggestions by yourself, and you are not afraid to address inconvenient truths and speak up if you find a problem. If you get stuck you research your own solutions by talking to colleagues or frequenting Epic’s Unreal forums. You are independent and can structure your own work and set your own priorities. You have curiosity, not just about your actual work, but also about the wider project.

Who are we?

Virtuous is based in Shanghai, China, with over 1000 employees. We work on titles for Naughty Dog, EA, Ubi (e.g. Watchdogs), Activision, ILM and also film (e.g. Transformers, Pacific Rim). We don’t just do props. We also port entire games and create entire levels, from grey box to final QA on the console. We work on all kinds of hardware from PC to mobile to PS4 and XBox One. This sets us apart from many other outsourcers, who do not have such close relationships with their clients. We are trusted to work with our client’s engines and are often part of their pipelines, sometimes having the same status as their other internal studios!

About the team:

The TA team here is very international and you will work with Chinese and foreign TAs, who all speak very good English. Most TAs have a specialization, such as Unreal, Unity, 3ds Max, C++, Python programming, etc., which makes it a very stimulating environment for learning and sharing experience.
As the lead TA I try to encourage information sharing. I also have an interest in keeping crunch to a minimum. Tired TAs aren’t good TAs, and I would also like you to have some free time to appreciate being in China and explore the place

How is it to live in China?

Some people are hesitant of moving here, but Shanghai is a very cosmopolitan city. There is good and affordable public transport and housing. There are many malls and international restaurants. Being such an international city it is possible to get along without speaking Chinese. For the few times where you need it, we will, of course, offer assistance. Not only can you experience real Chinese culture here, but also real Chinese food which will make your around-the-corner Chinese pale in comparison. Shanghai is also a great base for exploring the rest of Asia.
Also, yes, you can access Facebook, Youtube, use Steam, buy the latest consoles and games.


If you join us, you would be part of my team. So you can talk directly to me, ask questions about the job and about working in China. In any case, if you’d like to apply, I will put you in touch with our HR.

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