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Voice Actors Needed

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Hello! My name is Shane Thompson and I am the Founder and Creative Director here at Black Eden Studios! We are in need of a couple of voice actors right now. But before you apply, I must tell you that it’s only unpaid until we release our game’s demo and put it up on Kickstarter, if it succeeds then I will be able to pay you and I will also be paying you again after the full game releases. If you are still interested then here is a list of all positions needed! Any and all questions you may have will be answered once you contact me!

Voice Actors, who meet any of the requirements below.
Characters – Who the Character is – Requirements
Brian McCelland – He is the Main Protagonist’s father. – This character is no longer avaliable.
Gus Reynolds – He is the Tech Guy in his Ghost Hunter Team. – Deeper kind of voice.
Damien Grawth – Camera man in his Ghost Hunter Team. – 22 year old man with a nerdy kind of voice.
Collin Thornton – Co-Founder of his Ghost Hunter Team. – Any voice that sounds like a 24 year old man.
Mystery Man – Man that helps out the Main Protagonist Aiden. – Requires a deeper/scratchy voice.
I will be Voice Acting the Main Protagonist.


Dr. Holland – Is a crazed doctor who hunts down and tortures Aiden in the demo/full game. – Requires a scratchy sounding German accent.

Contact Me at any of these options below.

Skype: dundiddy2197 (I reply faster on Skype)


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