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Western X VFX Recruiting Pipeline TD

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Pipeline TD

Western X VFX is looking for a Pipeline Developer to extend and support our custom pipeline. We use Maya, Nuke, and Mental Ray, and have built a suite of tools designed for the specific needs of our reoccurring projects.

We are looking to further extend those tools to automate repetitive tasks in animation, lighting, render, and to further integrate Shotgun via Tank (or a Tank-like system).

The ideal applicant will be a Python expert with experience scripting for Maya, Nuke, and Shotgun, often using PyQT. You can expect to write lots of code, but read even more; we have a moderately sized code-base, part of which is well unit-tested and documented, and part of which is less so. We develop for both OS X and Linux. A BC resident would be great, but we will consider permitting the perfect applicant.

Western X is a boutique facility in Vancouver, Canada that creates visual effects for a stable, long-running client base. We strictly follow BC labor standards, pay proper OT after 8 hours (on the rare occasion that we do overtime), and have an excellent work environment. The studio best suits artists and programmers who value their lives and who, while working hard when they have to, also cherish the parts of their lives that aren’t job related.

Hiring will commence immediately to fill an upcoming vacancy. Position will be under a six month contract with good possibilities for longer term extension. We pay extremely competitive rates.

If you are interested, please send a resume to
Western X VFX Recruiting Pipeline TD, vfx jobs, Western X VFX, cg jobs, Western X VFX Los Angeles, L Western X VFX, 3d, cgi, Pipeline TD