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Westside VFX Studio is seeking an I/O Administrator

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The I/O Administrator will join the team responsible for all data transfers within the facility and with outside clients and vendors. The position requires good hands-on technical computer skills as well as an ability to communicate easily and effectively with diverse teams including production management, coordinators, clients, artists and systems engineering.
For the right candidate, this position is an excellent entry-level opportunity with potential for future advancement into technical, artistic or production management positions.

Primary Duties include:

· Transferring material to and from various sources via ftp, media shuttle, hightail, disk drives, tapes, etc.
· Cutting and conforming incoming digital plates into VFX shots based on client EDLs and data
· Loading VFX shots, elements and reference data to their correct locations on internal servers
· Managing digital deliveries, logging transfers and updating production management software
· Managing archiving and restores for all projects and maintaining facility asset repositories
· Prepping data and generating quicktimes for editorial, company website and artist reels
· Maintaining filenaming conventions and file and folder structure on all servers
· Monitoring storage space and working with the systems team to keep disks optimized
· Assisting systems and production coordination teams as needed
· Render wrangling as needed


· Strong familiarity with ftp, disk drives, file formats, computer networks, Mac and Linux computers
· Experience with Shotgun
· Experience with After Effects
· Familiarity with editing software such as AVID, Final Cut or Premiere Pro
· Basic knowledge of creating spreadsheets and importing/exporting data
· Knowledge of basic Unix commands and working in the terminal window
· Familiarity with visual effects pipelines, film/tv production and/or camera data is preferred
· College degree or equivalent experience in a digital film/tv production related field is preferred
· Experience with rsync, media shuttle, aspera, ftp login creation, file types and folder structures is a plus
· Knowledge of Mac or Unix/Linux scripting – shell, python, perl, javascript or applescript – is a plus
· Ability to assist with entry level systems support is a plus

Important Attributes:

· Keen attention to detail, meticulous record keeping and strong organizational skills
· Excellent verbal and email communication skills with a pleasant and helpful attitude
· Conscientious and reliable: must show up on time and stay until the job is done
· Good general tech skills: interest in solving problems related to codecs, frame rates and permissions
· Good people skills: job requires fielding requests from everyone in the office, often at the same time
· Interest and aptitude for learning new things both in technology and visual effects production
· Ability to “stick with it” through frustrating technical problems
· Flexible with changing gears and re-prioritizing tasks

Please email a PDF of your resume to:
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