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Weta Digital Recruiting Motion Capture Pipeline Manager & Shader TD

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Motion Capture Pipeline Manager

Weta Digital Motion Capture Department is hiring!

The Weta Digital Motion Capture Department is an industry leader in the fields of performance capture and virtual production. We currently have an opening for a Motion Capture Pipeline Manager to work with a talented group of developers in pushing the boundaries of on-set and realtime acquisition. This is a challenging and dynamic environment at the cutting edge of modern film-making.

The ideal candidate:

– Is self-motivated, with a great knowledge and passion for motion-capture and post-production.
– Is highly organized, with excellent communication skills and the ability to identify and prioritize tasks to maximize efficiency.
– Has overseen the packaging, deployment and auditing of libraries and applications.
– Has facilitated code reviews and managed issue tracking using Jira or a comparable issue tracking system.
– Can gather requirements from users and effectively communicate these to developers.
– Understands the intricacies of shooting mocap in multiple locations simultaneously, and the issues surrounding metadata and binary data synchronization.
– Is comfortable working in a high-pressure environment, with tight-turnaround times.

Minimum requirements are:

– Proven experience managing a team of developers working in a cross-disciplinary environment.
– Five years experience working in a motion capture studio, or equivalent environment.
– A minimum of three years working in film.

Please send your resume to us at:

Shader TD

Weta Digital is currently looking for Shader TDs:

Candidates will ideally have at least 3 years of feature film experience and display the following attributes:

– Strong lookdev skills both artistically and technically with great experience and understanding of shading, rendering, colour, photography etc
– Experience in shading assets/environments for photoreal feature film
– The ability to come up with creative, efficient rendering solutions for a wide variety of assets including fur, natural phenomena, hard surface etc
– Texturing/Lighting experience
– Familiarity with Maya and Linux.
– Experience with all aspects of the rendering pipeline.
– Strong organisational skills.
– Strong communication and task management skill, and ready to take more responsibility and leadership of a group of people from different departments.

Please complete the online questionnaire at (including any online showreel links you have available) and send your resume to us at: 
Weta Digital Recruiting Motion Capture Pipeline Manager & Shader TD, Weta Digital, Weta Digital hiring, 3d jobs, vfx jobs, jobs, fx jobs