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Weta Digital Recruiting Creature TD, Motion Capture Pipeline Manager, Senior Rendering Researcher & Creature Pipeline Technical Director

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Creature TD – Senior Creature Rigger

Weta Digital are now hiring for a Creature TD, candidates should clearly display the following attributes:

– 5 years or more as a full time senior creature TD on Feature Films
– Focus on skinning and deformation of photo realistic characters and/or creatures
– Experience in Cloth and Hair a plus but is not required
– Poweruser in Maya
– Poweruser in Mel scripting
– User in Linux
– Python, Perl, and C++ knowledge a plus.
– Must be able to work well in a team environment
– Must be willing to relocate to New Zealand
– Must be available to start within 2 months or less.

If this sounds like you, please complete our online questionnaire at: and send your resume through to us at:

Motion Capture Pipeline Manager

Weta Digital Motion Capture Department is hiring!

The Weta Digital Motion Capture Department is an industry leader in the fields of performance capture and virtual production. We currently have an opening for a Motion Capture Pipeline Manager to work with a talented group of developers in pushing the boundaries of on-set and realtime acquisition. This is a challenging and dynamic environment at the cutting edge of modern film-making.

The ideal candidate:

– Is self-motivated, with a great knowledge and passion for motion-capture and post-production.
– Is highly organized, with excellent communication skills and the ability to identify and prioritize tasks to maximize efficiency.
– Has overseen the packaging, deployment and auditing of libraries and applications.
– Has facilitated code reviews and managed issue tracking using Jira or a comparable issue tracking system.
– Can gather requirements from users and effectively communicate these to developers.
– Understands the intricacies of shooting mocap in multiple locations simultaneously, and the issues surrounding metadata and binary data synchronization.
– Is comfortable working in a high-pressure environment, with tight-turnaround times.

Minimum requirements are:

– Proven experience managing a team of developers working in a cross-disciplinary environment.
– Five years experience working in a motion capture studio, or equivalent environment.
– A minimum of three years working in film.

Please complete the online questionnaire at and send your resume to us at:

Senior Rendering Researcher

The research group at Weta Digital is seeking a senior rendering researcher/engineer to take a leading role in the development of rendering technology at Weta Digital. A deep understanding of a wide range of rendering technologies is required, such as light transport, importance sampling, volume rendering, realistic material models, shading, and geometry processing. The ideal candidate will have extensive software engineering expertise, proven research contributions, and project leadership experience.


– Research and develop new rendering algorithms, such as light transport (path tracing with importance sampling), volume rendering, etc.
– Design and implement physically realistic material models for hair, skin, and other materials using multi-layer BSDFs, importance sampling, and subsurface scattering.
– Adapt the latest research results into practical, production-quality code.
– Implement core rendering systems with a focus on high performance, multi threading, scalability, and robustness.
– Analyse and optimize system performance.
– Improve and maintain existing code to improve quality, reliability, and maintainability.
– Proactively test new and existing features to ensure the highest levels of quality.
– Provide hands-on user support. Find and fix bugs. Author high quality internal and end-user documentation.
– Share senior project leadership responsibilities, such as planning and tracking development tasks, engaging with users, and collaborating with other departments.

Required Qualifications

– Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science
– 6 years of industry software engineering experience.
– World-class rendering research expertise.
– A solid foundation in software engineering, including object-oriented programming.
– Fluency in C++ and experience with other languages such as Python.
– Extensive experience in performance analysis and optimization of highly parallel, scalable systems.
– Ability to work well on a self-directed team in a rapidly changing, deadline-oriented environment.
– A team-oriented, customer-focused, quality-obsessed mindset.

Desirable Qualifications

– GPU programming expertise (CUDA or OpenCL) and experience with interactive rendering algorithms.
– Experience in film or video game production.
– Familiarity with programming tools such as Valgrind, Vtune, git, and so on

About Weta Digital

Weta Digital is an Academy Award winning visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand that created the visual effects for movies such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin, The Hobbit trilogy, and many others. The studio has won 5 Academy Awards for best achievement in Visual Effects, and continues to show industry leadership by starting or incubating multiple successful software products such as Massive, Mudbox and Mari.

Please complete the online questionnaire at and send your resume to us at:

Creature Pipeline Technical Director

A Creature Pipeline Technical Director is primarily responsible for designing, developing and maintaining Pipeline applications for the Creature Department. They work with the Production Engineers to integrate facility-wide technologies within the Creature pipeline. Additionally they address technical problems the TDs encounter and develop custom tools to improve the workflow. They also work directly with various departments to create and maintain pipeline workflow between departments.
This is a highly technical position that serves to improve and support the workflow both within the Creature Department and with other departments across the facility. Candidates need to be organized and able to handle multiple tasks, as they will often address multiple projects at once.

Candidates for the Pipeline Technical Director role need to demonstrate the following attributes:

– BA Computer Science or equivalent, or related fields with at least 3 years experience
– Solid experience with Python.
– Shell Scripting (csh, bash)
– Understanding of Linux environment
– GUI frameworks (Qt and / or Web)
– Source control (Git and / or SVN)
– Experience developing RDBMS (MySQL)
– An eye for detail
– Works well within a team
– Previous VFX pipelines experience in a production environment a plus
– Understanding of NoSQL systems a plus
– Maya API knowledge a plus
– C, C++ a plus

To apply for consideration, please complete the online recruitment questionnaire at and forward your resume/showreel link through to
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