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Weta Digital Recruiting VFX Producer & Department Manager

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VFX Producer

Job Purpose:

Responsible, alongside the VFX Supervisor, for strategising, implementing and managing targets and relationships specific to the VFX delivery of a feature film project. Responsible for managing project budget and overseeing the schedule and workflow of the Show Production team. This is a client facing role. Reports to the Executive Producer.

Needs to Do

Key Responsibilities:

Bidding / Client Liaison / Project Delivery
Ensure all VFX show deliverables are determined, built into the contracted schedule and delivered on time
Liaise directly with the client to ensure work is progressing as per contracted
schedule and manage all change orders
Generate payment and key milestone schedules
Manage client expectations
Manage the contracted VFX budget for a feature film project
Monitor overall Bid vs Actuals
Provide weekly cost and schedule reports to Executive VFX Producer and Head of Production

Track all turnovers, assets, shots, finals, editorial updates, marketing requests and change orders
Internal Communications & Reporting
Manage internal communication between the VFX Supervisors, Leads, Heads of
Departments and Show Production; and anticipate and communicate issues in order to resolve problems quickly
Maintain weekly internal client status reports
Scheduling / Resource Management:
Maintain oversight of Production Manager’s schedule according to the scope of VFX work required on the show
Ensure scheduled targets are being hit; and, if not, troubleshoot and resolve any scheduling conflicts, issues or delays
Forecast resource requirements with the VFX Production Manager, VFX Supervisor and Resource Manager to plan an effective and efficient approach to completing the show within contractually agreed deadlines.
Manage Show Production Team
Set up and maintain best-practice methodology typical of a television VFX pipeline; including client relations, internal communications, scheduling, budgeting, database maintenance, reporting and tracking.
Above and Beyond:
Positive, upbeat and professional
Pro-active and solution-orientated
Needs to know and have

Essential Skills:

Good flair for dealing with clients – knows the right tone and urgency without leading to misunderstandings
Highly organised and detail-oriented; with first-class time/project management skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
The ability to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment
Capable of motivating and leading teams on various projects with confidence and clarity
Lateral thinking skills
Proficient in production database tools e.g. Shotgun

Essential Experience:

Proven experience with VFX workflows, pipelines and turnarounds
A minimum of 2 years of experience at a VFX Line Producer level or in a similar senior production role at a VFX facility
An in-depth understanding of live-action and CG based VFX workflows, pipeline and schedule
Proven track record of client-facing project management and scheduling
Responsible for the efficient running of a show through all departments within budget and to contracted deadlines.

Needs to:

Bid the Show
Forecast resources for the show using inhouse Forecasting Tools.
Schedule & plan resource requirements with the Executive VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor & Head of Production
Provide weekly cost and schedule reports to Executive VFX Producer and Head of Production
Ensure the VFX team understands the goals and deadlines for assets, shots, sequences and any R&D projects required.
Ensure scheduled targets are being met by troubleshooting and resolving any scheduling conflicts, issues or delays.
Track turnovers and ensure we are tracking to contract and budget.
Track editorial updates & changes ensuring the production database is current and aligned with change orders.
Track client change orders and ensure the VFX team are aware of budget changes approved to progress.
Ensure the production team is running efficiently by attending reviews, rounds & meetings.
Arrange and/or attend senior VFX Supervisor reviews & Director reviews.
Ensure artist schedules are being managed efficiently.
Approve requested overtime as necessary. Ensure the Production team are managing the amount of overtime pre-approved.
Approve artist timesheets and leave

Requirements are:

A minimum of 5 years experience as a Producer in Feature Film VFX.
Proven experience successfully Producing large projects within a facility.
Onset experience preferred.
Excellent knowledge of database systems (preferably Filemaker), Excel & Word.
Proven experience managing artists and working with clients.
Organized and methodical in approach to work.
Clear planning with artists, supervisors & clients.
Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm.
Able to troubleshoot & solve problems.
Calm and personable under pressure and when working to tight deadlines.
If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

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Department Manager

Weta Digital is looking to hire a Department Manager to join our growing Production team. We are keen to talk to experienced production candidates who have a track record of handling large teams working on challenging projects.

Job Description:

The Department Manager is responsible for overseeing all scheduled work, managing the department crew and production team. The role is primarily planning and resource-based, entailing the close management and support of crew and the oversight on all department deliverables.

Key Responsibilities:

Maintain an overview of department schedule and manage resource requirements, working with VFX Producers, Production Managers and central production
Ensure weekly departmental progress reports are delivered to Show Production in the form of tasks completed, resource plan updates and schedule updates
Along with Department HoD ensure any planned development work related to the dept tools or pipeline is factored into any show milestones
Forecast resource requirements for the department – identifying key shortfalls and anticipating surplus crew scenarios
Working with HoD to identify areas where development of crew skill-sets can benefit current or upcoming projects.
Approve artist leave and formulate coverage plans for any artist absence to ensure project targets are not compromised.
Oversee department recruitment strategy. This includes identifying candidates with HoD and key Leads, establishing hiring windows and targeting candidates within that timeframe. Working with crew services to update job descriptions and maintain a good knowledge base of industry-wide crew trends and project plans.

Needs to know and have:

Strong communication skills – with an ability to deal with a wide range of different groups, including internal Dept prod team, Show production groups and central production team.
Effective in crew management, including fostering career development within the team and casting tasks to strengths from available resource pool
Proven scheduling experience, with a working knowledge of Filemaker/Shotgun a plus
Concise and comprehensive approach with written communication
Strong leadership qualities, with a confidence to front department plans and form solid partnership with Dept HoD.
If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Apply here:-
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