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Zoic Studios Recruiting Animation Supervisor

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Animation Supervisor

Zoic Studios is an Award winning VFX company made up of accomplished artists and producers who understand story, process, and relationships. Partnership, integrity, and enthusiasm are our key founding principles. We have two studios located in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, Canada. Some of our recent credits include, Big Eyes, Once Upon A Time, The 100, Arrow, Hemlock Grove, Banshee, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Two, and Falling Skies.
Our Vancouver location is currently seeking an Animation Supervisor. This role is for an immediate temporary full time opening with potential for a permanent role for the right candidate.
The Animation Supervisor needs to have exceptional animation and character animation skills as well as strong organizational, administrative, leadership, and communication skills. As he, or she, is responsible for providing day to day guidance and supervision to the animators on their team, previous experience in a supervisory role, with particular experience providing constructive artistic and job performance feedback, is highly desired.


Attend bid meetings for every episode of all episodic shows to estimate how many animation hours are needed to complete each shot
Assign animators to shots that are appropriate for their skills and experience
Communicate the story point and specific shot direction from the client’s spotting session for every shot to the animators
Creatively oversee all animation shots and give revisions as needed before showing in dailies for the creative director
Maintain the quality level of animation
Act as the point of contact for the animation team for the creative director and the supervisors of other departments
Interpret notes from the creative director and the client and guide the animators to revise their animation accordingly. The Animation Supervisor must understand the thinking process of the client in order to lead the animators in the direction the client expects and avoid things that the client has historically disliked
Review reels w/ Recruiting, participate in interviews for animators, riggers, and lead animators. Make recommendations on new hires
Keep track of the status of shots and revisions through the company’s project management software
Work with coordinators to ensure that important information is gathered and distributed to whoever needs it to ensure that production flows and nothing slips through the cracks
Work w/ HR to manage performance and morale of assigned artists and to prepare reports to management as needed
Ensure all new artists to the team receive appropriate orientation and training to be successful


The Animation Supervisor needs solid animation experience, a good eye, effective communication skills and some talent for people and project management, combined with the ability to meet deadlines and to work to a budget. They will have a minimum of 2 years experience in a Lead or Supervisory position and at least 5 years experience as a creature/character animator. They must be able to work as part of the senior creative team, to interpret decisions and notes, and to communicate priorities and vision to the animation crew. They may need to arbitrate sensitively between creative desires and production requirements. They must be able to multitask and handle the pressure of multiple high volume live action television and feature film projects simultaneously.

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