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MODO 701 Released is on its way… 

Yep, you heard it here first. We’re putting MODO 701 through its final paces, and it’ll be launching soon!

What can I expect from MODO 701?

  • Procedural particle engine with an easy to use preset workflow.
  • Audio playback and sound channel modifier.
  • Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity.
  • Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance.
  • Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders.
  • Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x.
  • Preview render synchronization improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes.
  • New Python interpreter making python execution many times faster.
  • Unlimited network rendering.
  • Soon to be released LINUX operating system support.

Join us in our MODO 701 webcast

Be one of the first to discover what’s new and improved during our ‘MODO 701 Feature Tour’ webcast on March 25th at 10AM (PST).

Spaces are limited, so register for the webcast today to reserve your place.

Modo 701 Tour Videos

Modo 701 Tour: Performance

Modo 701 Tour: Animation

Modo 701 Tour: Workflow

Modo 701 Tour: Modeling

Modo 701 Tour: Effects

Modo 701 Tour: Rendering

Modo 701 Sneak Peek Videos

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Render Curves As Polys

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Pose Tool Dynamic Pinning

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Dynamic Parenting

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Edge Bevel

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Rendering Enhancements

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Animation Workflow Refinements

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Workflow Enhancements

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Contour Tool and Bridge Enhancements

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Particle Sculpting

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Item Shaders

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Environment Importance Sampling

Modo 701 Sneak Peek: Particles Quick Rig

Modo 701 Particle Scorch – Sneak Peek 2

Modo 701 Particle: Basics and integration

MODO 701 Particles in Action

Auto Character Setup for modo

Auto Character Setup for modo Unity Preview

Press release from The Foundry

London, 12th March 2013 – Leading computer graphics and visual effects software developer, Luxology are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of MODO 701.

This brand new major release of MODO will significantly enhance the modelling, sculpting, animation, effects and rendering workflows and continue to add value with a number of new features.

Over the last year, the development team has listened to a huge amount of customer feedback and subsequently made significant enhancements to the core functionality in this new version.

MODO 701 highlights

  •  Procedural particle engine with an easy to use pre-set workflow
  •  Audio playback and a sound channel modifier, bringing animations to life
  •  Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity
  •  Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance
  •  Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders
  •  Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x
  •  Preview render synchronisation improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes
  •  New Python interpreter, making python execution many times faster
  •  Unlimited network rendering

Additionally, following a substantial internal engineering effort and with the assistance of partner, The Foundry, MODO will soon be available on Linux, bringing it to all three platforms.

Brad Peebler, Co-Founder of Luxology comments:
“We’ve made such big improvements to the existing architecture of the software in MODO 701 that 601 users will notice a huge leap forward. We’ve also added some really cool functionality like the new particle system. This release will truly deliver on the philosophy that perfection comes through refinement. As always, we have pushed the limits and can’t wait to find out what you all think.”

Hagop (Kane) Kaneboughazian, Senior Animation Director at Viscira
“MODO 701 has the fastest, most highly interactive and powerful render engine available today – to me it’s almost real-time, which is kind of freaky. A lot of improvements have gone into this release that will be really useful for 3D content creators. The foundation of MODO 701′s particle system is going to open the door for insane capabilities and features to the MODO community.”

Jeffrey Jasper, Digital FX Supervisor & Technical Lead, NEW DEAL STUDIOS comments:
“The performance improvements and added features in MODO 701 have our artists jumping for joy. The rendering improvements in both preview and final rendering are also phenomenal. 701 just feels so fast!”

More information on the release and its features will be released in the coming weeks.



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    Wow. Modo just became a complete tool. Would like to try it in a big production pipepline.