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Making of “Alice”

Several techniques have been used to arrive at this happy marriage between fluid animations and other flavoured more stop motion. We first developed the worlds and characters based on drawings to 3D modeling. Then, we used traditional animation techniques to guide our 3D animators so that they create animations of transformations that are similar to stop motion. And for all the animations effects (water, fire, etc.) we have developed a technique that combines traditional animation and 3D but the result gives the illusion that we have cut the paper in a three dimensional world.

“The use of the 3D allowed us to have a full control over the animations and easily recreate lighting real.”, explains Karl Rhainds, president and creative director at Frame Studio.

The project resulted in several really interesting challenges for the effects of Frame Studio supervisor, François Beaudry. One of them being the choice of a rendering engine that would allow us to achieve the quality and the richness in reasonable times. But since we always stay on the lookout for new technologies, we had the chance to work with a brand new engine in development, called Redshift. This new revolutionary device in its own way to calculate, has enabled us to reduce our rendering time to one-fifth of what it would have been before while increasing quality. The Redshift team support was exceptional assistance during the creation of lighting and textures of each environment.

“The rendering engine we used gave us an enormous amount of control in the.
creation process. It was very easy for me to work with the team of lighting designers 3D and develop a rich and diverse aesthetic for each of the universe. In 30 seconds, I was able to have a preview of the result on a still image. In addition, since renderings were very fast, we were able to grow micro details until the end of the process by performing fast renderings when one wanted to make adjustments. “, says Karl Rhainds.

Watch Alice Short

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