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Making of BEYOND: Two Souls by Quantic Dream

How Quantic Dream created BEYOND: Two Souls with the help of Autodesk 3d animation tools Maya.

Quantic Dream’s goal is to change how players define the term “game”, and to create brand new experiences that blend genres and defy expectations. When approaching a project, the team considers not only how they can tell a better story, but how a player might interact with the game to create their own story.

Leveraging the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suite and Autodesk® HumanIK® software has helped Quantic Dream create landmark titles that evolve the very genre of gaming to its next level.

What is the secret to not only unlocking and realizing a creative vision,

but also creating a new way of interacting with entertainment media? Learn more about Quantic Dream and the creation of BEYOND: Two Souls™.

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