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Meats Meier – Art and Animation Reel
Shot List:

Hellboy – As a technical director (The Orphanage, VFX) , I did look development and set-up on the ‘Hell hole’ which appeared in 60 shots. I composited these scenes as well.
ESPN – Modelling, rendering and rigging. (I did not composite the second scene)
‘Melty Guy’ – Zbrush blend shapes
Banksy addition – Tracking and Maya Paint Effects
Levis – Model test for Levis advertisement
‘Angry Gary’ – Zbrush model
Lustmord – Music video
Modest Mouse – Music video
‘Judger Bot vs. Blame Bot’ – Zbrush
Stolen Babies – Animation test (From ‘Splatter’ album single)
‘Gun Machine’ – Zbrush model
Puscifer – Music video ‘The Mission’
‘Gun Machine’ – Zbrush
‘Zoom Creation’ – Maya
Tool – Animation
‘Captain America Reboot’ – Zbrush
Tool – Animation
‘Samurai’ – Zbrush
‘Dissection’ – Zbrush turntable
Puscifer – ‘Man Overboard’ music video, voted best video – Revolver Magazine
‘C3po’s Big Brother’ – Zbrush
Smashing Pumpkins – Animation, live show
‘The Complexor – Robot Construction Set’ – Maya
‘The Insects are Evolving’ – Maya, Boujou
Siggraph – ‘Animation Mother’ stereoscopic animation
Modest Mouse – Music video ‘Satellite Skin’
Various Art

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