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Here is VFX breakdown for Mirror Mirror by RodeoFX

Rodeo FX was brought in as part of the VFX production team to create 160+ VFX shots including: the film’s opening shot transitioning the seasons from summer to winter, the long shot of the Castle and the cliff on which it stood, the long distance shot with the approach leading to Snow White opening her bedroom doors, the interior of her bedroom, day and night sequences of the castle’s exterior, stormy skies, snow falling, computer generated (CG) crowds, Snow White’s courtyard and the interior and background of the evil Queen’s Chamber. Rodeo FX created all of the Snow White castle establishing shots. Rodeo FX’s collaboration on Mirror Mirror marked the second time working with Tarsem Singh as the company also created visual effects on Relativity’s epic adventure IMMORTALS.
Mirror Mirror – VFX Breakdown by RodeoFX

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