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NUKE and NUKE X Advancing the art of digital compositing

NUKE is powerful, award-winning compositing tools that deliver unparalleled speed and first-class feature sets unrivalled in the desktop market.

If you’re in the business of creating high-quality film, animation, commercial or broadcast content, The Foundry’s NUKE products, backed by a large, global pool of trained talent, will bring speed, functionality and flexibility to your pipeline.

Advanced Efficiency with NUKE

NUKE is a widely used and powerful compositing tool with a huge range of features designed to make you as efficient as possible. This video shows you the core functionality that will allow you to increase the quality of your work or simply get finished faster. Topics covered include: The node graph, rendering, UI, gizmos, 3D workspace and multi-channel workflow.

Highest Quality Results with NUKE

NUKE has been adopted by companies and artists alike for its unparalleled quality results. This video shows you NUKE’s industry leading colour management capabilities, linear processing and floating point accuracy, and how these features can help you get superior results faster.

Collaboration with NUKE

NUKE has core collaboration tools to ensure compositing can be a team effort. This video shows you how NUKE’s groups, backdrop nodes, sticky notes and precomps allow you to share the workload, increase quality, and get your work done faster.

Flexible Customisation with NUKE

NUKE is not only a great tool for artists it fits seamlessly into your pipeline as well, and in this video we explain how. Supporting the three major operating systems (Windows, OS X and Linux), with python API at its heart as well as centralised deployment options, NUKE is completely open.

Integrated Stereo with NUKE

NUKE supports stereo at its core and allows you to work seamlessly with 2D or stereo versions of shots. This video shows you why NUKE is the premiere compositing tool for stereo image production available today.

Scalability with NUKE

NUKE is a tool that can grow with your business, whether you work in VFX or Animation. This video summarises why NUKE’s node graph, scanline based memory management, tool set and collaborative nature ensure that the scope of work you can handle with NUKE goes beyond that of all competitors technically and creatively.

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