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Nuke, General UI, Viewer Shuttle Controls – NUKE Tutorial

Ben Minall tells you how to use the shuttle controls in Nuke.

  • Will

    i would like to know in a professional production like The Hobbit how long does it takes to an artist to achieve an illustrations like these.
    Thanks for the answer.

    • adi

      On average, your illustration project will be completed in six to 12
      weeks. However, more time may be needed as deemed necessary by the
      artist, Art Director, and/or you, and will be determined on a
      case-by-case basis. Creating custom artwork can be a very complex and
      time-consuming process and we want to ensure that the end product is of
      the highest quality for our authors.

      The illustration process is separate from the production of the
      galley and cover, and those stages will begin once your illustrations
      have been completed and approved.

      • will

        thank you very much for your answer, and what about a single illustration, sorry for keep asking questions but we are a young animation studio and we have a lot of questions about the cinema productions.

        • daniel

          six to 12 weeks for one of the above illustrations is totatlly wrong. I have worked in such production and your concept artist have to pump these out alot faster than that. For the ones above would be done in about 3-6. Some of the wide shots and scenic view shot would take a couple of days but only if there were very intricate to the process. Most websize 800×600 sketches are done in an hr or two even. While poster and colver art would take a few days or a week. But of course this is taking in account for changes and going back and forth but all that stuff needs to be done even faster than the initial drawing.