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PAINT (PAINX) Short Film

A film by Bervyn Chua, Kho Hong Kai, Han Zhi Fang & Celine Chee.
With the help of Concept Artist: Hoo Xin Jie

Ever had struggles with getting inspiration to complete an artwork? Well then, you may be suffering from.. an Art Block! In our story, an Artist faces off an Art Block in it’s monstrous, physical form. But fear not, he is armed with tools of the Painting Software, (PAINT EXE- pronounced as Paint X).

As Artists, we’ve all been through those moments, so this is a film to toast to all those late night struggles.
PAINT (or PAINT X), a 3minute 3D animated short film about an action packed battle about an Artist battling an ArtBlock when he tries to complete his painting. Watch as he turns he tries to overcome his artblock into his greatest art piece!

[ Hmm.. But whats an ArtBlock? Its A mental obstacle that all of us as artists, writers, face when we struggle with creativity coming up with new ideas.]

Animation – Bervyn Chua, Celine Chee
Color/Design/Story – Kho Hong Kai, Han Zhi Fang
Concept Artist/ 3D Environment Modeller: Hoo Xin Jie
Producer, Lighting Artist, Compositor – Han Zhi Fang
Music & Sound Design – Credited in video-
Produced At Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, Diploma in Animation & 3D Arts

Bervyn Chua: bervynchua@
Hoo Xin Jie:
Kho Hong Kai:
Celine Chee:
Han Zhi Fang:

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