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Pixar Animation Internship Reel 2012 by Priscila Vertamatti
All assignments are in order, one more fun than the other 😉 We had the honor to use the amazing Brave rigs this year, but the assignment structure is pretty much the usual – growing from simple to complex characters.
1) Lifesaver weights
2) Lifesaver jump
3) Luxo jump
4) Luxo test (the classic!)
5) Merida walk (side, front and sim version)
6) Young Macintosh test (we had the option to choose any of the three)
7) Buzz dialog test (each intern was given their own dialog)
8) Fergus dialog test

Huge, huge thank yous to our group instructors Dan Nguyen & Steve Mason, my mentor Victor Navone, our shot supporter June Foster and all the other mentors, animators and coordinators! And of course, my family :)

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