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Learn how PTEX Painting in Mudbox 2014 can help you break free from UV’s
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Rendering Ptex with Mudbox, Maya and Mental ray

What is Ptex?

– Per-face Texturing assignment
– UV-free workflow
– Uniform, balanced, smooth texture “layout”
– no waiting for UVs
– Production proven: Disney/Pixar exclusive pipeline
– Render support increasing: PRman, Mental Ray, Vray
– Next steps.. game engines..

Ptex: brief history

– Texture mapping system devloped by Walt Disney Studios
– Disney Required:
– Film quality
– General
– Efficient
– Setup-free
– Paper: Ptex: Per-Face Texture Mapping for Production Rendering, Brent Burley and Dylan Lacewell, Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2008
– Nov 21, 2008: Disney’s Bolt: first feature to use Ptex
– Jan 15,2010: Ptex released as Open Source

Workflow Pros & Cons: UVs vs. Ptex

UVs – Cons
– Time consuming layout
– Complaex shapes are difficult and tedious
– Prone to seams and distortion
– Prone to back and forth co-ordinate “fixes”
– Backwards? Building co-ordinates for a texture that does not yet exist?

UVs – Pros:
– Variety of texture formats
– Variety of rendering engines(film and games)
– Fully Editable/Paintable in 2d

Ptex – Cons
– Limited editing in 2d (sorting restrictions)
– Geometry and texturies are linked
– Rendering Support less that UV formats (although growing)

Ptex – Pros:
– Setup-free: no tedious preparation
– Film quality – smoth and seamless
– Efficient – packs with less wasted space
– Local resolutions on fly

Mudbox Tools for Ptex Workflows:

– Ptex Prep
– All apint tools, layers, blends, extractions, etc. all work the same
– transfer paint Layers: Ptex to UVs (or vice versa)
– Gigatexel engine – buffering for large texture data
– Mudbox and photoshop
– True 3D painting

Mudbox: Unlimited Texture Channels


– Layer masks abailable for all
– 27 Layer Blend-Modes (fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop)

Mudbox and file Formats

Gemetry in/out:

Textures in/out:

– Ptex Provides a fast, efficient, high-quality texturing solution for any pipeline
– Mudbox Provides a fast, efficient, smooth painting enviroment for Ptex workflows
– Ptex is open source, uses are expanding, Plenty of room for futher development

Ptex_1 Ptex_2 Ptex_3 Ptex_4 Ptex_5 Ptex_6 Ptex_7 Ptex_8

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