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Pull my leg short by MocapLab side project, output from there setups, MoEdit but still no post animation, Rendered in Guerilla.

MocapLab is a company that is 100% specialised and dedicated to capturing movement: mocap (Motion Capture).
MocapLab offers complete mocap services, while continuing to base itself on a permanent and solid research & development department : The Lab.
Through a highly experienced team with over 18 years of Motion Capture experience, MocapLab offers a high level of expertise in feature films, ads, video games, TV series, virtual reality. We are a company who unite an international team who are passionate about living movement and who have gained a reputation for delivering to the client high quality work that incorporates the finesse and subtleties of the movement captured. MocapLab relies on its high level of technical expertise and above all tries to maintain a fair balance between art /science and the theory and the practical know how.

Pull my leg