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Qualoth is Maya plugin cloth simulator. This reel shows Technical Demo of Qualoth software. The topnotch technology of cloth simulation is reflected in Qualoth. Our customers are Major Hollywood film and animation studios and Global game companies.


  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Technicolor
  • Walt Disney
  • Blizzard
  • SEGA
  • NCSoft
  • Nexon

High Quality Cloth Animation with Less Pain

Qualoth is a production-proven cloth simulator adopted by some of the biggest studios worldwide. Qualoth is based on a sophisticated physical model and numerical algorithms that produce realistic wrinkles and cloth animation, and delivering unmatched computational speed with fully multi-threaded solver. The reliable collision handling and rich set of controls allow users to spend more efforts on creative work rather than tedious trouble-shootings.

Robust Collision Handling

Qualoth can handle collisions on fast-moving objects, and the self-collision technology can be resolved robustly even when the cloth is trapped between collided objects. The reliable collision handling allows users to create simulation for complicated multi-layered garments without artifacts.

Convert All Types of Polygon Meshes into Cloths

Qualoth accepts quad-mesh, tri-mesh, or even non-manifold mesh as its input geometry. The shapes of curved 3D surfaces can be simulated as if they are molded to form such shapes in rest state, or they can be simulated as if they were created with panel-based method by utilizing UV coordinates for their initial flat shapes. The latter method enables users to utilize the output of dedicated 3D garment design tools such as DC Suite which is designed for 3D creation of real-life garments.

Goal Shape Control

Cloth animation is not necessary to be always physically valid. Users can add goal constraints to a cloth object and those goal shapes can be animated easily. The attraction force of goal constraints can be painted over the surface per-vertex wise.

Partial Re-Simulation

Sometimes only the partial result of a cloth animation is unsatisfactory and in that case you can choose such vertices selectively which need to be re-simulated. This leads to faster computation and thus costs less time to achieve desired results.

Re-Configurable Collision Network

Users have the complete control over which cloth collides to which objects in case there are multiple cloth objects and collision objects in a solver. In case of multilayer garments, the outermost cloth might not need to collide to innermost cloth or collision objects such as body. This collision relationship can be specified for cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-object collisions and it can be key-animated. This collision relationship network editing feature allows users to increase solver speed and also it helps reducing unwanted artifacts by eliminating unnecessary computation explicitly.

Bidirectional Interaction with Maya Fluid

Qualoth supports bidirectional interaction with Maya fluid. It is easy to make flapping flags, moving cloth in water, waving clothes in wind with maximum reality by combining fluid simulation with cloth simulation.

Realistic Wrinkles

The material that is simulated on Qualoth is not a spring network. Its physical model is based-on deep understanding of cloth material property that differs from rubbers and other elastic materials. The realistic wrinkles and motions of cloth simulated by Qualoth come from an advanced physical model dedicated to simulating fabric-like materials.

Crease Simulation

Cloth has hysteretic behavior. Once folded, the wrinkles won’t be gone completely unless these are ironed out. This kind of creases can be simulated dynamically with ‘bend plasticity’ property. Crease simulation produces natural creases conforming to body joint movements, and it can be fixed once satisfactory crease patterns are acquired. If plasticity is used during animation, it will reduce rubber-like look and movement, resulting in more natural motions.


Supported Platforms

Qualoth supports Autodesk Maya 2008~2013 64 bit versions in Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux.

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