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Quantic Dream head David Cage showed off a tech demo of the developer’s newest engine for the PlayStation 4. The demonstration showed an character model of an old man’s head in incredibly realistic detail. The old man’s face shows off subtle emotions like concern or a spark of interest. Detailed shading technology, made possibly with the PS4, highlight the detail of every wrinkle on his face. “We are now limited only by our imagination”

On PlayStation 4 This is what you can get Quantic Dream on completely new engine. what you see is running in real-time 3d on PlayStation 4 it is our first attempt using advance shaders with translucency, realistic eyes shader, volumetric lights, 3d depth of field and many many other features up till today reserved to CG Films. This is quality we will get up for future games and we know we can go even future. more important then this technical features. we start to reach a point where we can see very subtle emotion on face of character where you can feel his emotion just looking at his face where you can see saw just looking into his eyes when you look at this old man imagine how he is? what he thinks, what happen to him with out him saying a word with new PlayStation four now game creators now forget about technology limitation and simply focus on inventing, experience never seen before we can consecrated what amazing story to tell, what incredible world we what to create we can take to places where never been before an make you feel emotions you never felt in real life with out having to know we have horse power to do so now we are only limited to our imagination.


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  • So PS4 engine almost nearly to CG MOV graphic, Next Genration no more Rendering…XD