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RealFlow 2013 Technical Features Reel by Next Limit Technologies.

RealFlow 2013 Industry-standard, out-of-the-box fluid simulation software. Fast and easy to use and Compatible with ALL major 3D platforms. An Award winning including the Technical Achievement Award granted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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RealFlow 2013 Technical Features:

1) Hybrido 2
New hy-Flip Solver
GPU ready (OPenCL 1.1)
Faster Simulations, more details(100+ million particles)
Same Workflow as Hybrido 1
Advanced Secondaries for Hybrido 2 with New Hy-SPH solver

2) Relationship Editor
New node-based system for defining the interactions between the scene;s objects

3) Graphs
Visual Programming using nodal systems to create scene setups
low level nodes
High level nodes and compounds

4) New Formats
Alembic – Enhance gemometry and particles i/o using this format – Sony Picture Imageworks, Lucas films
Alembic – Flexible and stable even removing parts after importing
Alembic – Use the new stitcher Tool to merge diffrent frames into one single file
Alembic – Different level of compression
Field3D – Opensource library for storing voxel data – Sony Picture Imageworks
Field3D – Export Mist data and Hybrido 2 fields to other packages
RPC – Optimized format for Realflow Particle Cache
RPC – Allow for compression
PRT(KRAKATOA) – Fully compliant with Thinkbox Software specifications

5) Meshing
New meshing algorithms (weighted isotropic & anisotropic)
Maintain Hybrido 2 detail in the Hybrido 2 meshes

6) Mexwell Render previews
Integration of best quality renderer in the market
Allows for batch rendering of previews
Mexwell Render FIRE integrated in RealFlow viewport
Mexwell Render material presets provided

7) Caronte (soft and rigid body dynamics)
Faster and more stable simulations
New fracture tools

8) New Licensing options
Options to mange GUI license via the NL License Manager

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