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Rocky and Bullwinkle Commercial by Framestore

The GEICO Gecko, so used to being the centre of attention, unexpectedly bumps into a legendary cartoon duo as he wanders serenely through the Rocky Mountains in this commercial by The Martin Agency and Traktor.

As ever we needed to composite the Gecko into the scene, a beautiful mountain plate, embellished with trees blowing in the wind, birds and a boat in the background to make sure the it didn’t look static compared to the lively little green guy.

The Gecko’s peaceful hike doesn’t last long though and suddenly we had the challenge of making him interact with the famous Rocky and Bullwinkle, who were animated by Dreamworks, using plenty of practical elements such as dust and rocks to help settle them into the environment believably.

“From the start we had to figure out a process for sharing our test animations back and forth, which can be tricky when dealing with 3D space” says Animation Lead Jim Hundertmark. “Not to mention the normal blocking and framing issues that come with having one seven inch star and another as tall as Bullwinkle,” continues Jim. “There was a lot of careful work with the cameras and eyelines to make sure this strange meeting of cartoon worlds felt as natural and interesting as possible.”