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Starcraft Heart of the Swarm – VFX Games Reel 2013 by Alan Lee
Starcraft Heart of the Swarm Game Cinematic

Many people has worked on this great project, listed are some of the things Alan Lee done.
Shot Breakdown:
00:00:02-00:00:06 Environment dust, debris.
00:00:07-00:00:37 Energy shield, electricity, hand print energy
00:00:37-00:00:40 Warping in and dropping out of warp
00:00:43-00:00:50 Tracers, muzzle flashes, heating up of gun, barrel smoke, background clouds, explosions in clouds, afterburners on drop pods, pod trails and smoke
00:00:51-00:00:56 Kerrigan hand energy, steam and distortions, sparks and electricity spikes.
00:00:57-00:01:09 Cockpit displays and UI
00:01:10-00:01:15 Laser, animate scope lens, smoke
00:01:16-00:01:20 Animated screen
00:01:21-00:01:37 Background membrane, bubbles, distortions
00:01:38-00:01:52 Kerrigan’s power beam, flying debris, dust, animated movement of matte painting and added lightning blasts. (Matte painting of the storms done by Tae Choi)
00:01:53-00:01:59 Kerrigan’s power, lightning, debris, dust
00:02:00-00:02:04 Water drips on window, lightning inside clouds
00:02:05-00:02:25 Pylon energy explosions, crystal shatter physics animations, blue energy glows, dust and debris, Nydus worm explosion and ground impact
00:02:26-00:02:30 PSI blade and energy sparks
00:02:31-00:02:34 Eye smoke and energy sparks
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