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Submission Deadline for animago AWARD 2014 extended to 21 July / Jury Experts 2014

Munich/Potsdam, 26 June 2014 – The registration deadline for this year´s animago AWARD has been extended. Until 21 July Digital Artists around the world can submit their projects in the fields of 3D/ANIMATION, VISUAL EFFECTS and INTERACTIVE MEDIA online at Participation is free of charge and open to professionals and young up-and-comers alike. 

The international established contest is presented by the leading German trade magazine DIGITAL PRODUCTION since 18 years and honors outstanding productions in the entry types FILM, STILL and INTERACTIVE.

The categories of animago AWARD 2014 are as follow:

  • Best Post Production
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Advertising Production
  • Best Interactive Production
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Trailer/Opener
  • Best Visualization
  • Best Young Production (with € 3.000 prize money from DIGITAL PRODUCTION)
  • Jury´s Prize
  • Best Still: Reader´s Prize DIGITAL PRODUCTION

Submit your entries to the following address: 

Günter Hagedorn
»animago 2014«
Langenharmer Weg 88
22844 Norderstedt

The animago jury expterts 2014:

Günter Hagedorn: Jury Chairman and animago AWARD Organisation, Hamburg
Günter is a graphic designer and freelance editor who grew up in Hamburg, Germany. He’s been involved in organising and managing the animago AWARD since it was first launched in 1997.

Dirk Beichert: Dirk Beichert BusinessPhoto, Frankfurt am Main
Dirk’s first contact with CG software and 3D animation already took place in the early 1990s. He was creating architectural visualizations when he got into contact with MAXON Computer, the makers of CINEMA 4D. Today Dirk lives and works in Frankfurt / Main as a corporate photographer, combining his skills in the emerging markets of classical photography and CGI.

Linda Breitlauch: Visiting professorship at University of Applied Sciences in Trier
Linda Breitlauch is an industry veteran who teaches and researches with a special focus on the areas of storytelling, serious games and dramaturgy. She is jury member of “Deutscher Computerspielpreis”, “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis”, “Lara – Der Deutsche Games Award“, red dot: design award“ and “animago AWARD” as well as advisory board member to Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe and LEARNTEC, the leading international trade fair and convention for learning with IT.

Alexander Ellendt: Executive Producer and Head of Vogelsänger GmbH (Units Film, Events, New Media), Dusseldorf
Since the late nineties, more precisely since 1997, Alexander Ellendt is part of Vogelsänger Film. In 1999 he was promoted as a Producer, 2005 Alexander Ellendt became Executive Producer and runs Vogelsänger Film on the side of managing director and owner Manfred Vogelsänger. His leading position includes managing the subsidiary companies v2film, V- LAB and TATORT Studio. In 2013 the changeover to the Vogelsänger GmbH (merger of VS Event GmbH, VS Film GmbH, VS Neue Medien GmbH) is full filled. Today, he is executive producer and member of the Executive Board of the Vogelsänger Group.

Florian Gellinger: VFX Production Supervisor at RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Berlin
Florian Gellinger works extensively as a visual effects designer in both compositing and 3D, making it his mission to reconcile the two practices. In 2005/2006 Florian supervised the VFX work on Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist and assisted director Catherine Hardwicke for Newline Cinema’s “The Nativity Story”. Shortly after he became one of the founding members of RISE – today the biggest VFX production company in Germany’s capital Berlin.

Sabine Hatzfeld: Editor at DIGITAL PRODUCTION Magazine, Munich
Sabine has worked at DIGITAL PRODUCTION for many years and is also a long-time member of the animago jury. In addition to managing the Science & Education department, she’s also responsible for the fields of Film & VFX.

Csaba Letay: Design/Direction/Compositing at Polynoid/WOODBLOCKs, Berlin
In 2004 Csaba Letay began studying Animation/ Digital Effects at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg/Germany, at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction. In 2008 he worked as a Digital Artist at BUCK Inc., Los Angeles, CA. After returning from the USA he joined artist collective Polynoid in 2009 and graduated from Filmacademy BW in 2010 with the short film ‘Loom’ (animago AWARD winner in 2010), that he directed with Ilija Brunck and Jan Bitzer. One year later he co-founded Berlin-based Motion- design/Animation company Polynoid GmbH & Co. KG, where he primarily focuses on design, direction and compositing.

Michael C. Müller: Specialist Creation Technologies at adidas AG, Herzogenaurach
Michael C. Müller is working for the adidas Group as Specialist Creation Technologies. In this role he is responsible for high quality standards of virtual apparel products used in Design, Marketing and Sales. The Designer, B.A. originally comes from the town of Kronach in northern Bavaria. He did a apprenticeship in commercial photography and media design. In this position he worked for catalouge manufacture like BAUR, OTTO and advertising agencies. After graduating design in 2011 at the Nuremberg George Simon Ohm Institute of Technology, he started his career in the automotive industry, working for the Bertrandt AG.

Mate Steinforth: Creative Director / Partner at SEHSUCHT, Berlin 
“When Mate Steinforth isn’t feeling ridiculous about writing his own bio in third person, he’s either changing the diapers of his daughter or shouting at people to push pixels harder. After wasting much of his youth in front of the computer putting together those pixels himself, he wasted some more time with studying graphic design before deciding to do animation, which is what he wanted to do in the first place anyways. Several stints at several amazing studios in several cities – including Madrid and New York as a Creative Director at PSYOP – led him to a settled position as a Partner and Creative Director of SEHSUCHT in Berlin. Here he works with a hardcore bunch of crazy design fanatics on their signature style of moving images”.

Nhat Quang Tran: VFX Supervisor at nhb studios, Berlin
Nhat Quang Tran is a visual effects supervisor with a strong design knowledge and creative background. As a digital artist and graduate of the German Film School for digital production in Berlin, he knows his way around a wide array of software and technologies in the fields of VFX, S3D, motion capture, motion control and CGI. Keeping the design aspect in mind, he works for clients including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Skoda, Telekom, Telefonica O2, bonprix, Deutsche Post and Euronics. His many nominations and prizes at international competitions, such as an “ADC award” in Frankfurt, the “Sentiero Corto Film Festival Milan”, the “International Animation Film Festival” in Stuttgart, the “World Animation Celebration” in L.A. and the “First Steps Award” in Berlin, are proof of his talent.

This year we have two guest jurors from the Medienboard Berlin-BrandenburgElmar Giglinger (Managing Director) and Ina Göring (Head of Business Development Projects and Innovative Audiovisual Content). The Medienboard is a key contact point for creative professionals in the film and media industry and has actively supported the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE since 2009. The Medienboard has also contributed significantly to the ongoing success of film funding and media business development in Germany’s capital region. Congratulations to the Medienboard on its 10-year anniversary! Our thanks go out to them for their great cooperation and we wish the whole Medienboard team continued success!

More information about the animago jury:
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