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My Beary Best Friend

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My Beary Best Friend Short Film by Luiza Alaniz 3d animated Short Film by Luiza Alaniz from Ringling College of Art and Design Department of Computer Animation.The story of a proud wanna-be hunter who encounters ...

Blue Honey

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Miel Bleu / Blue Honey Short Film A small bee, allergic to pollen, discovers an extraordinary product that will dramatically impact the life of the hive...Graduation movie directed by Daphné Durocher, Constance J...

Shell Game Short Film

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Shell Game Short Film by Yishen Li Animated Story about crab and its shell by Yishen Li from Sheridan College.Music by Xintong wang CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Film, animated, Animated Movies, Anima...

The Cliff House

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The Cliff House Short Film A 3D animated short film created by Yore Production. It tells the story of an old man with his struggles and determination to build a tower in order to reach his goal.Produced at Facult...

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day Short Film Love, Death, Fate. Our award-winning CGI short film, “Happy Valentine’s Day” is about how the downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers. Told in slow...

Once Kitten Think Twice

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Once Kitten Think Twice Short Film Once Kitten Think Twice a short movie about cats, monster and balance in life by Pixelhunters.Credits: Director: Iliya Atanasov Script: Eric MacInnes Music and SFX: Vasko Iva...

The Chase

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The Chase Short Film by Tomas Vergara A simple hitman job. Things don't go as expected.Directed by Tomas Vergara Characters by Mauricio Galvez Music and SFX by Jay Taylor Peak Picture www.peakpictures.com...

Dirty Pool Short Film

Added by 2 years ago

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Dirty Pool Short Film by Brent Forrest A timeless tale of good versus not so good.Brent Forrest: All the storyboards, animation, effects, lighting and rendering, compositing, editing and sound mixing. I built the...

Frog Bits Snooze Or Lose It

Added by 2 years ago

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Frog Bits Snooze Or Lose It by Splinehouse Animations Ollie (the frog) has a new alarm clock but clearly doesn't know how to work it. Or is it the fact that is way too early? The crab will help out, no doubt.Snoo...

RODEOR Short Film

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RODEOR Short Film by Thibaut Wambre Heavy noises are being heard closer and closer, echoing in a dark and dusty saloon. A tall cow-boy appears in the doorway. Over his head is hanging a banner claiming that “Nobody ...

Adam Real-Time Rendered Short Film by Unity Technolgies

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Adam Real-Time Rendered Short Film by Unity Technolgies Watch Part 1 of our real-time rendered short film “Adam”, created with the Unity engine by Unity’s Demo team. Adam illustrates the high quality graphics that ar...

Fun Class

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Fun Class Short Film Maria Ximena Anleu - "After an unexpected event, two suitcases, a father and a son, discover the magic of having fun together in an ordinary trip."Credits:-Film by: Maria Ximena Anleu. P...

Keunottes Short Film

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Keunottes Short Film Keunottes a story of friends. Keunottes is a graduation film, realised by 6 ARIES students over 8 months in ARIES : school of graphics and motion design, in France. Guillaume Aussenac, Julie Bon...

Daddy Cool Short Film

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Daddy Cool Short Film This is a 3D animated short film made during 3 weeks at MoPA (Supinfocom Arles). directed by Zoé GUILLET, Maryka LAUDET, and Camille JALABERT.Zoé GUILLET : character modeling/hair&fur/m...

Changeover Short Film

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Changeover Short Film by Mehdi Alibeygi The brisk short is Written, Directed & Animated by Iranian animator Mehdi Alibeygi. Sound & Music: Hani Rajabi Film consultant: Moin Samadi Color & Background: M...

Frog Bits Halloween Candy

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Frog Bits Ep.2 Halloween Candy It is Halloween night. After a long candy gathering campaign Ollie decides to relax by the bonfire, but something is lurking in the dark forest..."Halloween Candy" is an episode of ...

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