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Making of Out Of the Ordinary

Added by 5 years ago

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Making of Out Of the Ordinary Short film Out Of The Ordinary is an animated short film, which was made as a student film at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, Viborg. The genre is comedy, and the style is semi realis...

Jinxy Jenkins Lucky Lou

Added by 4 years ago

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Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou Short Film Unlucky boy meets lucky girl, A film by Mike Bidinger and Michelle Kwon from Ringling College of Art and Design. When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously luc...

Making of Duet by Glen Keane

Added by 4 years ago

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Making of Duet by Glen Keane Duet is the first traditionally animated, hand-drawn film to debut as a Spotlight Story. The film offers a glimpse into what’s possible on mobile devices, a rich, modern canvas for creati...


Added by 4 years ago

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E N V O Y Short Film A young boy discovers a deadly alien creature and winds up entangled in a top secret government operation.Director: DAVID WEINSTEIN Producers: DAVID WEINSTEIN, MARIAM PRICE, ADAM COGGIN VFX...

Fol’Amor ShortFilm and Making of Fol’Amor

Added by 4 years ago

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Fol'Amor ShortFilm and Making of Fol'Amor Fol'Amor ShortFilm and Making of Fol'Amor by Goblin School of Animation. A lady and a young knight frolic in the forest when they discover Excalibur. They then engage in a g...

Making of The Dam Keeper

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Making of The Dam Keeper: The Life of a Shot Take a look behind the scenes of 'The Dam Keeper' an animated short from directors Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi. The unique look of the film is a result of each frame b...

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

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A Tale of Momentum & Inertia Short film HouseSpecial a Special CG Short : A Tale of Momentum & Inertia. In this original CG short, a Rock Giant literally holds in his hands the fate of a small coastal village...


Added by 4 years ago

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Nebula Short Film In a forest in the mountains, a little girl made ​​a mysterious encounter. Short animation graduation (Class 2014).Director: Camille ANDRE, Marion BULOT Clement DORANLO Myriam FOURATI, Jonghyun ...

Safe Place ShortFilm

Added by 4 years ago

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Safe Place Shortfilm by Angelos Roditakis A little child is playing with his toys in his room, when his dad arrives clearly intoxicated. The child, knowing full well what would follow, is trying to hide in the closet...

Making of Only for You

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Making of Only for You Only for You behind the scenes by Fran Garcia. Only for You Making of Only for You, Fran Garcia, Only for You, Only for you Behind The Scenes, Behind The Scenes, cgi, vfx, 3d, cg, Sh...


Added by 4 years ago

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MURPHY Short film During the Second World War, an English paratrooper crash-lands in a forest leaving him wounded. He meets a creature that tries its best to help him. However, the ordeal is just beginning… MURPHY V...

The Legend of the Flying Tomato

Added by 4 years ago

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The Legend of the Flying Tomato Animated Shortfilm Directed by Sharon Huang, Aurry Tan, and Michael YatesOnce a victim of bullying, Frida finds a hero in the legendary luchador El Pirana. However she finds hersel...


Added by 4 years ago

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RITUEL Short Film Film-end 2014 study conducted by Maéva Gruaz, Amaury Rospars Maxime Couturat, Jean-Baptiste Bellande, Sebastian Durouchoux and Jordane Koessler at Bellecour Entertainment.In his village, all chi...

The Alchemist’s Letter

Added by 4 years ago

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The Alchemist's Letter Shortfilm A visually rich, darkly inventive fairy tale directed by former Student Academy Award finalist Carlos Andre Stevens.Short animated film "The Alchemist's Letter". Starring 2-time A...

Duet by Glen Keane

Added by 4 years ago

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‘Duet’ Glen Keane’s New Short at Google I/O Conference At the Google I/O developer conference, Glen Keane debuted his new hand-drawn short, Duet, which he produced with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group...

11 Paper Place Shortfilm

Added by 4 years ago

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11 Paper Place Shortfilm by daniel houghton 11 Paper Place is a love story about two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that magically transform into paper people as they are spit out of a malfunctioning printer into a recycli...

Breaking Point Vfx Breakdown

Added by 2 years ago

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Breaking Point Vfx Breakdown Filmakademie - From the first idea to the final film it took about 1,5 years including half a year of preproduction with an extensive work in Animatics and Previz, followed by 8 months of...

Making of Mortal Breakup

Added by 4 years ago

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Making of Mortal Breakup Making of Mortal Breakup Inferno BEAUBE Marlène Gobelins. Mortal Breakup Short FilmShort animation graduation (Class 2014). Directors: Paula ASSADOURIAN Marlene Beaube Deborah CRUCHON...

Broken Wand

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Broken Wand When a washed-up magician gets a visit from his sullen preteen grandson, can the two find a way to reconnect? A short animation directed by Anne Yang and Michael Altman at the School of Visual Arts....

Cap’n Shmelly Animation Shortfilm

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Cap'n Shmelly Animation Shortfilm by Omen Studios Omen Studios, Singapore:- For years, Captain Shmelly has been obsessively searching the oceans for the whale that took his leg. The isolation of the long search, hot ...

Disney’s Feast – Special Look

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Disney's Feast - Special Look Disney's Feast premieres in front of Big Hero 6 in 3D on November 7.“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation, “Paperman”) and Walt Disney Ani...

Print Your Guy

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Print Your Guy Animated Short Film Print Your Guy is an animated comedy short made by six french students from Bellecour School of Art in Lyon, France. We are Alwin Leene, Sarah Barry, Quentin Cornillon, Laura Gissel...

Making of 8.9 Short Film

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Making of 8.9 Short Film Short animation graduation (Class 2014). Director: Pedro VERGANI After an earthquake, a man wakes up trapped in the rubble. When all hope seems lost, he discovers he is not alone, another p...

Fetch Shortfilm

Added by 4 years ago

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Fetch Animated Shortfilm "The Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf..." Fetch is a very short film directed by François Gilliot and produced by François Beaune to test the Appleseed Renderer in a small produc...

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